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Lynn Shelton indie film shoot underway around Hill, Central District

The MLK Grocery Outlet parking lot was the staging area Friday. By Sunday, cast and crew had moved on to the mystery soda machine on John in front of the Broadway Locksmith. Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton is back in town and shooting scenes for a new production — Touchy Feely.

Shooting began Friday in the Central District. It’s one of a handful or projects taking advantage of beautiful Seattle weather including a commercial for a dental association that made its way around Capitol Hill last week.

Shelton previously directed several indie flicks, including the Stranger-inspired Humpday and a particularly crazy episode of Mad Men (the one in Season 4 where Don almost gets caught by the Feds, Lane’s father slaps him for having a black girlfriend and Lucky Strike drops Sterling Cooper Draper Price). The new film stars Rosemarie DeWitt, Scott McNairy, Ellen Page and Josh Pais.

Atop Capitol Hill — from Art Zone with Nancy Guppy

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3 thoughts on “Lynn Shelton indie film shoot underway around Hill, Central District

  1. We were thrilled that Lynn Shelton and Steven Schardt chose The Vital Energy Center Chiropractic and Massage office in North Capitol Hill as a site for the filming of their new movie Touchy Feely! the production crew was fantastic and we had 2 full days of shooting! Lynn is such a brilliant and vivacious person and it was such a pleasure to see her work! We are so excited to see our beautiful office on the big screen soon! : Dr. Jared