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Blotter | Man living in his car with sword prompts big SPD response on 14th Ave

  • Suspicious parker on 14th Ave: A rush of police cruisers to 14th and Ward Thursday night just after 6:30p prompted a few concerns in the neighborhood. Seattle Police tell us nobody was arrested in the incident that was sparked as a man whose car a police sergeant was approaching was believed to have pulled out a knife while inside the vehicle. The sergeant had been flagged down by a passing motorist who complained that the suspicious man had been parked in the area for more than 72 hours and was apparently living in the car. The sergeant held the man at gunpoint and radioed in about the possible armed suspect. The large response followed. Investigation revealed both a sheathed sword and a kitchen knife in the vehicle but police say no crimes were committed and the man was not arrested. Thanks to MvB for the photo from the scene.
  • Suspicious No Parking sign hater on John: Friday morning got off to a weird start for @bethundra: “Guy on John between 11th & 12th was throwing away No Parking signs and moving trashcans to different streets at 7:30 this morning”
  • Prostitution busts on Broadway: Two johns were busted Wednesday night at Broadway’s Silver Cloud Inn hotel for patronizing prostitutes. According to SPD reports on the incidents, SPD’s Vice and High Risk Victims Unit hauled in the first suspect for investigation of patronizing around 8p and another about an hour later at the same location. While it’s not something we’ve been tracking, the reports are the first we’ve noticed in the area this year. UPDATE: Oops. Looks like three arrests.
  • Parking lot assault: A woman reported being assaulted in an unprovoked attack inside a Swedish Hospital parking garage Monday morning when the suspect apparently became enraged because she was watching him try to pay for parking. SPD was still looking for the suspect — “a white male in his fifties, heavy set with a big belly, about six feet tall, wearing a white T-shirt having lettering across the front and jeans” — as of the time the report was filed. The victim was transported to the hospital complaining of back and hip pain.
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8 thoughts on “Blotter | Man living in his car with sword prompts big SPD response on 14th Ave

  1. This needs to be decriminalized. It’s two consenting adults. Guys pay for sex otherwise with dinners and drinks. Why not let em cut to the “business”

  2. Read between the lines you fucking idiots. High Risk Victim Unit was called in which means minors or endangered women were involved. Prostitution also goes hand in hand with a lot of other crimes to include the Meth trade and firearms. It is not victimless, especially in this city. We have a huge problem with sex trafficking and it is exceedingly difficult to catch the people that are ‘pimping’ the women. Enjoy riding your unicorn around Capitol Hill you fucking assholes. When you snuggle into bed at night remember there is someone’s daughter being forced to suck a dick by some asshole pimp. Your fantasy of a ‘sex worker’ just turning tricks to make it through school or save up for a brand new Nissan Leaf is laughable. Assholes.

  3. Indeed. I would also add if you can’t find someone willing to have sex with you without getting paid, there’s probably a good reason. If you have someone but they still don’t want to touch you, there’s probably a good reason. The reason is you suck.

    My girlfriend just texted and wants me to come over and take a bubblebath with her, followed by sex. We have sex every night. If that wasn’t going to happen, I’d still prefer my hand over some STD laden sex slave any day.

    “Johns” are totally pathetic. Cops prey on you and not the hookers because they think you’re pathetic and furthering the underworld of crime. You know what? They’re right.

    Don’t be as a**-hole and you can get a girlfriend. If you’re some homely, freak-show with terrible breath, lower your standards. It’s that simple.