School Levy Election; Meany School Redevelopment

You have till Tuesday evening to mail in your ballot in the Seattle School District Levies election:


If the Capitol Levy (Proposition 2) passes, the School District has plans for Meany School:

Meany Middle School: Modernize and re-purpose. ($14.5M)

The existing building would be modernized. It was originally built as a junior high school and would be reopened as a comprehensive middle school. This project will address current and projected middle school enrollment growth in central Seattle and reduce overcrowding at Washington Middle School. 

I suspect many neighbors of Meany School will be interested in the design process for the school. Our School Board member (Kay Smith-Blum) suggests that we attend her next community meeting: Saturday February 16th, 10 – 11:30 AM at the Capitol Hill Library, where she can share information about the new Meany School.

I raised the possibility of a specific neighborhood meeting about the project, perhaps as a Miller Park Neighborhood Association meeting. She noted that they will be convening a building team in March, and that would be a good time for us to get involved and that she could help arrange a meeting.

Please contact me ( if you would like to be involved in the Meany School planning process, and please share this with other interested neighbors.

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