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Micro-Housing…Capitol Hill and Beyond…EastPAC Thursday, 5/23 Community Meeting

getimageHow does the development of Micro-housing impact you and your neighborhood?

There has been a lot of concern about this increasingly upward trend of Micro-Housing, also known as “APODments”, small, single occupancy units sometimes with shared kitchens. The Capitol Hill Community Council has been addressing this issue for some time, and the City Council has hosted forums to explore citizen concerns.

The micro-housing movement has been expanding beyond Capitol Hill into the Central District, First Hill and other East Precinct neighborhoods. With a rising demand for affordable housing, these units provide a way for young singles, professionals and retired folks to actually be able to live in Seattle, close to work, restaurants and entertainment venues, and also bring rich diversity to neighborhoods. These small units are not only affordable, but provide updated amenities such as free internet.

It seems like a simple solution. Or is it? What are the concerns of some citizens who reside in the neighborhoods near these developments?  Zoning loopholes, shortage of parking, transitional, short term residents?  What are the benefits to folks living in the units?

We hope to answer some of these and other questions at our Thursday, May 23rd East Precinct Advisory Board (EastPAC) Community Meeting. This is our effort to address a quality of life issues and proactively develop mutually beneficial solutions.

Guests include The Stranger’s Dominic Holden, who recently wrote an informative article on this issue; Miriam Roskin, Manager for Planning and Policy, City of Seattle’s Office of Housing; and a representative from the City’s Department of Planning and Development.

The takeaway is, in our effort to be proactive, we will advocate for East Precinct citizens, likely in collaboration with the other city wide Precinct Advisory Councils, who’s constituencies are likely experiencing similar issues.

I am encouraging you to attend.

East Precinct Advisory Council Community Meeting, Thursday, May 23; 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Seattle University’s Chardin Hall, 1020 East Jefferson

Enter the campus at 11th and East Jefferson, park FREE in the lot

Enter the building and turn right down the hall

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  1. This is a great idea. I have dreamed of this for along time. I have felt this should have been done about 20 years ago. With gas being almost $5 bucks and a Grape fruit being almost $2 bucks its time for affordable housing not just for women with kids but for over 65 million men just in America alone.

    Go to any ghetto in America ask the grown men their how many can rent in a decent apartment . Ask them how many can rent without hiding behind their girl friends name on the lease. This is a awesome idea. This should be implemented into United Nations plans to promote Human Rights for men in Italy and through out the world and also to be apart of Counter Terrorism policies since we expect men to be renters ,pay child support on $7.50 an hour. Over 70% of African America women are single and men make up the majority of the homeless population and even suicuide rate this is not a social problem but a serious scum bag problem, when the last place out Vets can rent is in public housing.

    Check out their homes in Florida.

    If we where to give just ex-offenders a chance to rent on their low pay I think people in Florida would be suprised to see a waiting list of atleast 1.2 milllion maybe up to 1.3 million. Dont believe me start a list in Florida the men here are so stupid they go back and sale drugs because low is pay and people do not care about them. These fools will never make the school books but this plan to create Micro housing will and it can save tens of millions of men from prisons and create a better world.