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Doctor accused in First Hill double murder to plead insanity

The physician accused in the brutal stabbing death of his partner and 2-year-old son will plead insanity in his November trial, according to court documents. Dr. Louis Chen’s attorney Todd Maybrown notified King County Superior Court earlier this year that he would mount an insanity defense.


Prosecutors say Chen slashed his son Cooper to death with a knife and stabbed his 29-year-old partner Eric Cooper more than 100 times inside his 17th floor First Hill apartment two years ago this August.

Last year Chen, now 41, was found competent to stand trial following treatment with psychiatric medications and assessment by doctors. Chen’s attorney successfully fought to bar information from Chen’s Harborview medical records from being included in the competency report.

Chen is charged with two counts of first degree murder. Prosecutors said they would not seek the death penalty for Chen who faces life in prison for the murders if convicted.

His trial is slated to begin November 12. Last year, the prosecution requested more time to prepare for the case in order to complete a reconstruction of the bloody murder scene.

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2 thoughts on “Doctor accused in First Hill double murder to plead insanity

  1. You can be mentally ill and still quite aware that what you’re doing is considered wrong and punishable under the law. If Dr. Chen were as ill as his supporters allege, why were the only casual, non-life-threatening injuries those he inflicted upon himself? Being ill does not excuse all crimes. He should serve his time, while medicated and treated, for this crime.

  2. I hope justice can finally come to Eric and Cooper. It sickens me that someone could do that to another human, especially a baby. He needs to be thrown in a dungeon and forgotten.