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Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.37.54 PMFrom Modern Steep Tea Company

Christopher Glenn, spokesman for RCTea Corp., announced that Remedy Teas has changed its name to Modern Steep Tea Company, effective April 12, 2017.

For nearly 11 years, the business operated under the trade name Remedy Teas.  However, owners, staff and many customers have long shared that the name was too narrowly defining as it suggested a focus on medicinal and functional herbal teas rather than the much broader line of organic pure leaf teas and custom blends that the company represents.

The new name, Modern Steep, is more all encompassing while reflecting the business as one whose mission is to source and sell high quality, organic teas in an accessible, contemporary and down-to-earth fashion.  The aesthetic of the company is modern in nature and not particularly British- or Asian-inspired. Furthermore, the company is headquartered in a modern café location featuring a casual, upbeat vibe, and located in Capitol Hill – one of Seattle’s most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods.

The name change comes also at a time during which the locally-owned, independent company is expanding its online presence, selling teas and accessories throughout the United States and Canada. New retail packaging designs and options have been released as part of the change in name with other gift packs and retail products being released later this summer. The café also has a fresh new look inside featuring a warmer color palette and the addition of new plants.

While it may be hard to get used to the name change, staff and customers have been excited about the change and how it will better represent the company going forward.

As a long-time customer recently put it, “the name will finally make sense to friends and colleagues when I invite them to join me for a cup of my favorite tea.”

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One thought on “Capitol Hill Community Post | Introducing Modern Steep Tea Company

  1. The new name is bad. The new logo is bad. The new website is bad. It looks like the overhaul was done by an amateur fooling around with Adobe. Overall, this was a bad choice. I am a frequent customer and I don’t know that there was a big push by patrons to change the name. I will still buy tea there, but I cringe every time I hear the name “Modern Steep.” What makes it so Modern? Steep alone would have been a better choice. I’ll miss Remedy and it’s branding.