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I drank this on Capitol Hill: Auntie Joan’s Sneaker Punch at St. John’s

Margot was behind the bar at E Pike’s St. John’s when CHS went in for a visit and asked for their favorite cocktail to make. The Auntie Joan’s Sneaker Punch is made with spiced rum, pomegranate liqueur, raspberry-hibiscus simple, orange juice, bubbles, and a cinnamon stick. We were told that there’s a “limit of 8 per customer,” but our experience tells us just two will lighten your mood.

I drank this on Capitol Hill is a semiregular photographic tour of some of Capitol HIll’s cocktails and libations. Have a suggestion for something we should drink? Let us know in comments.

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3 years ago

This place is among one of the most overrated, overpriced, mediocre restaurants I’ve ever been to on the hill.