Gamma Ray Games says opening June 3, stop by this weekend to see preparations

Earlier this month, we wrote about Gamma Ray Games coming to Capitol Hill, setting off ripples of geek from I-5 Shores to the leafy streets of Fancy Pants. This morning, we heard from owner Eric:

I’m the owner of Gamma Ray Games and I just wanted to thank you for taking our survey. The results were very helpful and are definitely impacting our plans.

To answer a few of the questions and comments that have come up here and in our survey responses:

Our store is located at 411 East Pine at the corner of Pine and Crawford between Blue Bottle and Area 51, across the street from the Capitol Club. We’ll be opening on Wednesday, June 3rd and are currently retrofitting, building and stocking as fast as we can to get ready.

Our store will indeed carry Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne , Fjords and most of the other games that Blue Highway carries, as well as several that they don’t, including (thanks to the requests of many of our survey participants) an expanded section of roleplaying games and a rotating stock of rare, used, and out of print games.

Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and most of us are longtime Hill residents. Our space was originally designed by the guys from Square Room and has 20 foot ceilings and a bright, airy, mezzanine gaming space.

I’m leaving the windows uncovered throughout the construction, shelving and stocking process, so if you’re in the neighborhood this weekend, come on by and see how we’re doing. If we’re not too far behind or hanging precariously off a ladder, I might even be able to give you a quick tour.


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6 thoughts on “Gamma Ray Games says opening June 3, stop by this weekend to see preparations

  1. Awesome. We should all get behind this local small businessman and help him succeed. Getting together with your friends for a night of cocktails and gaming is fun as hell.

  2. digging it! went by today after work, spoke with the owner for awhile – nice guy, very interested in what customers want and in being involved in the community at large. he mentioned the idea of partnering with a nearby bar for a gaming night, which sounds great to me.

    very minimalist decor inside, and currently a low inventory – mostly strategy board games like Cataan, Magic cards, gamer’s dice – but that will change as he gathers intel on what people would like to see, so go by and tell him asap!

  3. Hey All,

    Just wanted to thank all of you who’ve come by the store so far. Our first three days have been great. Although our website isn’t up yet, you can learn more about us by visiting either our facebook or yelp pages.

    We’ll be open ’til 11 tonight so if you’re out and about tonight, drop by and say hello. We’re the store with the big white raygun in the window across the street from the Capitol Club.

    Eric Logan
    Gamma Ray Games

  4. We’re really excited to have such cool new neighbors – glad more small businesses are moving into the area!