Wanted: Capitol Hill Independence Day Root Beer Manager

We told you earlier this week about Saturday’s Capitol Hill Independence Day community picnic in Cal Anderson Park. Here is an opportunity to be part of the celebration in an even bigger way. The picnic needs your help. Below, find a note we received from the Cal Anderson Park Alliance’s Kay Rood:


We need a volunteer, hopefully someone with experience, to manage the CAPA-sponsored Root Beer Garden at the 8th Annual Independence Day Picnic, Saturday, July 3, 2010.

This person would coordinate 8-10 volunteers over a 5-hour period, Noon – 5 PM. The Garden is sponsored by CAPA. We hope to be scooping several hundred free root beer floats over the afternoon, with a couple of different root beer brands and Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. It’s a ton of fun and makes everybody very happy.

The person would need to arrive at 11:20 AM for check-in and to help set up the tables, linens, cups and ice tubs, all of which will be supplied. (We could use a couple of ice cream scoops.) The volunteers are all signed up, we just need a volunteer to run the stand in an efficient, friendly way. All the root beer you can drink!

  Volunteers should contact CAPA at volunteer@calandersonpark.org.

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