Demolition begins for B&O building as six-story apartment project digs in

Thanks to Lauren for the picture. Video below

Thanks to Lauren for the picture. Video below

The big snorts are working and the hose guy is busy where the tracks come together at Belmont and E Olive Way. The demolition of the building that housed B&O Espresso since 1976 is underway.

Before we get too nostalgic for the Spirit of ’76 around here, B&O’s ownership has plans to return to the corner in a few years when the mixed-use apartment project is completed. Meanwhile, you can find B&O chilling in Ballard these days. We used to be friends.

It should be noted, also, that B&O wasn’t the only business to call the building home.

The 1976 history post linked above — and here again! — will also do a good job of telling you about what comes next for the corner.

Thanks to La for the video.

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18 thoughts on “Demolition begins for B&O building as six-story apartment project digs in

  1. The development would be so much more interesting and beautiful in the old facade had been incorporated into the design. The plan makes it look like any building in any new city anywhere with no sense of place.

  2. will someone please take the b&O sign off the front of the building and use it as art in the new building somewhere……

  3. Just drove past it. They made good progress today taking about half the property down.

    Selfishly, I’ll miss the sunrise Space Needle and mountain views on my morning commute.

      • The train pic is toast. The building looks to have already been picked clean for what was wanted. At this point it would probably be deemed too unsafe to approach and remove.

      • The construction workers took the train sign and put it aside after taking the parapet down. Right now it’s leaning up against the fence.

  4. The rendering of the new building looks gross. Esthetically, it brings nothing to the table but ugliness. Capitol Hill is losing its identity and soon will blend into Bro-town (Belltown).
    And very very sad.

  5. The same people who are doing this are going to tear down that great gorgeous white house on 11th and republican. They’re going to demolish it and build a 4-story condo complex within FEET of the neighbor’s house. It’s also going to make the new park next door all shady. Two people offered these developers more money to save the house than they paid for the lot, but they declined. They don’t even live in this city. They’re pretty much scum. I’ve been inside that great big white house and it’s in impeccable condition inside. It just needs to be painted outside before its too late. How can we stop this sort of development? No one wants it.

  6. This crew is directly outside my building right now (11:45 pm) running chainsaws, heavy diesel equipment, hammering, yelling, and working away like they’re not in the middle of a residential zone. Noise complaint filed with the city, I hope others are doing the same…

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