Blotter | Man arrested after bloody Broadway rampage

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  • Broadway assault rampage: A 26-year-old with a lengthy record of thefts and assaults was arrested Tuesday night after a small but bloody rampage on Broadway sent one man to the hospital with a laceration and possible broken nose and injured another victim. According the SPD report on the incident, police were called to the area of Broadway and Denny just after 8 PM to a report of a man covered in blood:Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 11.42.54 AMAs police responded to the first incident, word spread of another nearby attack:Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 11.43.15 AMThe suspect was tracked down in the 400 block of Broadway E where he told police he had “punched some guy” on Broadway, according to the report. “Bitch, don’t let me come back with my AK47,” a witness told police the man shouted during one of his attacks. During a search, police found a knife with a five-inch, fixed blade on the suspect. Police arrested the 26-year-old and booked him into King County Jail for investigation of assault. The first victim was transported to Harborview for treatment of the laceration and further examination.
  • 23rd/Union armed hold-up: A man had to call police via Skype after he says he was held up at gunpoint near 23rd and Union Thursday just before 8 PM. We don’t have any additional details of the hold-up or the suspects at this time. The victim was not injured.
  • Boylston apartment break-in: Police found an interesting clue left behind at the scene of a 2300 Boylston Ave E apartment burglary reported late last Friday night. The break-in netted the thieves an unknown list of items from inside one apartment at the address but the victim and her roommate didn’t know where the iPhone found on the ground outside an open window of the building came from. Police placed the phone into evidence.
  • Busted jaw at E Pike bar: A man who suffered a broken jaw in an October assault inside a Pike/Pine nightspot finally reported the incident to police Monday. According to the report on the incident, the victim said he was with friends at a bar in the 1000 block of E Pike when one of his friends dropped her purse to the ground in order to give another friend a hug. The victim told police he thought the suspect was about to grab the purse so he got in his way and told the possible thief it wouldn’t be a good idea. As the victim bent down to grab the purse, he said the suspect ran up and punched in the face and then fled the scene. The victim said he didn’t think the punch was a big deal but was forced to go to the doctor the next day because of the injury. The victim told police he had surgery for the broken jaw but had not reported it to police until now because he had been busy, according to the report.
  • Broadway mugging reported: Police didn’t seem terribly concerned about this apparent serial robbery reporter’s story of a late November mugging on Broadway:Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 11.25.25 AM
  • Iphone chokehold charges: Charges have been filed against the suspect arrested in this November choke-hold iPhone mugging near 21st and E Olive St. Sisay Woldemariam, 18, faces a robbery charge in the November 21st attack.
  • Victoria Clipper pirate update: Samuel McDonough, the sex offender registered to the kinda fishy sounding address of “Pike and Broadway,” has been charged for his crazy attempt to steal a Victoria Clipper.
  • Neighbors say man shot, killed after firing gun in SPD standoff was a former Russian cop.
  • SPD’s chief spoke up on recent demotions among his top brass.
  • SPD says its Tweets by Beat system is on hiatus. The system, which broadcasts information on most events officers are dispatched to, has been extremely useful in answering reader questions about sirens and police activity around the neighborhood. It has also been the only publicly available source of reports for standard DUI incidents not involving collisions or other criminal activity. Without it, there is no publicly available record of all DUI activity in the East Precinct. We’re contacting SPD to see if there’s a solution that can be put in place to provide the information in another format and will keep you posted. UPDATE: SPD says the situation is a short-term outage and the reporting should continue soon.

5 thoughts on “Blotter | Man arrested after bloody Broadway rampage

  1. I’ve called the police about aggressive, antagonistic and obviously unstable people on Broadway. As long as they don’t have a weapon visible, they don’t care. It’s pretty obvious the SPD is absolutely petrified of taking any proactive measures lest they incur the wrath of the Department of Justice. It’s really a shame.

    • Yes, it is a shame that a crime has to be committed before police will take any action against the crazies along Broadway. Whatever happened to the concept of “community policing” and crime prevention? Intervening with obviously crazy people would protect all of us, but it also would be helpful to the disturbed individuals.

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