CHS Year in Review 2013 | The year in Capitol Hill crime

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 3.10.12 PMWe’ll take our more standard look at the year in Capitol Hill crime via the statistics for East Precinct when the datasets for September through December 2013 are released later this year. Our midyear 2013 assessment is here — Capitol Hill 2013 crime totals — just as likely to get beat up, more likely to get robbed, burgled

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For this — *almost* our final — look back at 2013, we turn to a different set of Seattle crime data. Below, CHS has mapped “dispatch” clouds for every instance SPD units were sent out in the East Precinct beats covering Capitol Hill under most crime categories — from bike thefts to street robberies. The datasets are dirty. There are missing dispatches, dispatches to false or confused reports and miscategorized dispatches. But the datasets are consistently dirty with the same kinds of reporting problems occurring throughout the incidents. We’re not offering a much deeper defense than that, however. Take the visualizations with a grain of salt — or something. But here’s a look at how the reported crimes ebbed and flowed across the neighborhood in 2013.Many of the patterns appear to exhibit concentration in the Hill’s densest areas below Broadway and along E Olive Way. Occasionally, hot spots develop like the concentration of auto theft activity in the central Hill in 2013. It’s a similar pattern for bike theft reports which seem to be drawn to the area around Seattle Central. Assaults continued to be concentrated in Pike/Pine in 2013 but the patterns shown here show a small spread north from the area. Meanwhile, street robbery activity concentrated with a larger percentage of incidents reported around Pike/Pine. At the highest level across all categories, 2013 reported crimes also exhibit a greater concentration in the neighborhood’s dense center and a push out of its more far flung edges. If you look carefully, you’ll even find a few patches of crime report-free Capitol Hill.






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3 thoughts on “CHS Year in Review 2013 | The year in Capitol Hill crime

  1. Yesterday, I saw a bike theft in progress. Took a photo of it happening, walked to the police station (yes, I’m a newb at this kind of thing) was instructed to call the non-emergency #, did so, made a report of it. Gave a description of the incident and suspect. Ten minutes later the cops called me back because they found the bike and the suspect. I made a positive ID on the bike and the suspect. All happened within 20 minutes and 2 blocks.

    Moral of the story- see something, say something. Good job Seattle PD. And I hope whoever’s bike it was got it back.

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