Power outages affect patches of Capitol Hill following downed wires in Eastlake

(Image: Bryan Cohen/CHS)

One side of Broadway remained lit as the other sat in darkness Monday night (Image: Bryan Cohen/CHS)

UPDATE 6:57 PM: Reports of restored power on Capitol Hill are streaming back in. As you were, folks. Below, what we know about what happened. In the meantime, we’re told some of our friends in Eastlake remain in the dark. City Light says it has “rerouted” power around the outage area leaving only just more than 600 customers without juice.

UPDATE 7:54 PM: City Light says the number of customers without power in Eastlake and near Volunteer Park will fluctuate as the reroute power during the work on the downed feeder wire. As of 7:50 PM, just under 3,000 were without power in the area. City Light expects to have the work wrapped up by 1 AM.

UPDATE 11:47 PM: Eastlake and others got their power back just after 11 PM. City Light says the cause of the outage was a power line that broke “due to age.” CHS can identify with that power line.

Original report: Downed wires in the Eastlake neighborhood proceeded a widespread outage in the area affecting swaths of Capitol Hill including Broadway north of Harrison and and areas south of 19th and John.

The outage is yet to appear on City Light’s system status page. City Light outage numbers are (206) 684-3000 or (206) 684-7400.

We have unconfirmed report that City Light is currently providing customers with an estimate restoration time of 4 AM. We’ll try to confirm. Typically, City Light’s estimates are pretty safe and the department tends to “under-promise, over-deliver.” UPDATE: City Light says that more than 6,000 customers are without power but that a cause has not yet been determined.

Some areas are patchy with service with reports like 10th Ave between Roy and Aloha which were reported as without power even while surrounding blocks were lit.

The outage has included traffic lights at many intersections and, inconveniently, the access system to at least one Broadway apartment building where arriving residents were locked outside.

The initial response from Seattle Fire to downed at 2837 Franklin Ave E was first reported around 5:45 PM. Two booms and flashes of light were reported in the area during the downed wire response.

SFD has been busy during the outage with one incident at E Mercer’s Lowell Elementary turning out to be a boiler problem and a report of light haze inside a Bellevue Ave apartment building that turned out to be smoke from a nearby overheated electrical transformer. In the meantime, a swarm of elevator rescue calls have come in from people in stuck lifts across the outage areas.

Monday’s outage is the second major power disruption to hit the area in recent weeks despite mostly calm weather. Early on December 23rd, three booms proceeded an outage that knocked 3,700 customers offline for around six hours.

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11 thoughts on “Power outages affect patches of Capitol Hill following downed wires in Eastlake

  1. The west side of Harvard between Mercer and Republican has a single phase outage. City Light just quoted a service restoration at 12pm on 1/7.

  2. 5:50pm: Lights went on and off 3 times at Broadway and Roy and then back on within 2 minutes. Strangely, only HALF of my apartments electricity came back on at that time.

    6:40pm: ALL lights are back off this time.

  3. This is the second time in a month that my apartment has been without for over six hours in near freezing weather. At least it isn’. a real emergency situation.

  4. Wow, I saw the explosion from around Gasworks Park. Huge bluish flash that lit up the whole sky, followed by a big boom.