They are (probably) not filming Capitol Hill Block Party: The Movie at Lost Lake Cafe

As Pike/Pine teeters into full-on Capitol Hill Block Party preparation mode for the 18th annual edition of the three-day music festival, 10th Ave between Pine and Pike was filled with production trucks and crew for a commercial shoot at Lost Lake Cafe.

According to a *mostly* reliable source, the commercial is for global shoe giant Nike and features beloved Mariner hero Ken Griffey, Jr. We’ll let you postulate on possible scenarios in the comments.

Also, we could be completely wrong so feel free to tell us what you know — or you *think* you know — below.

UPDATE 9/19/14: Here’s the finished product —

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2 thoughts on “They are (probably) not filming Capitol Hill Block Party: The Movie at Lost Lake Cafe

  1. Scene: Epcot-Center-esque version of a hipster hangout. Cast replete with waxed handle-bar mustaches, tattoos, skinny jeans, and hats. Lots of all kinds of hats.

    Camera Action 1: KGJr walks in the door, hatless, sits at the bar. Looks at menu, looks at hipsters, looks back to menu in consternation while rubbing his hatless crown as if he can’t decide what to order and/or is self-conscious from lack of hat.

    Camera Action 2: Quick cuts between close-ups of diner food and wide array of hats (shots of hats show piercing eyes of the wearers of the hats creating sense of dread and being watched)

    Camera Action 3: Waiter approaches to take order.

    Line/Waiter: (incomprehensible mumble comes out of waiters mouth because of piercing in tongue and lips and cheeks)

    Line/KGJr: Pardon me?

    Camera Action 3: Waiter reaches under bar, pulls out retro wool baseball style cap and places it on KGJr.’s head.

    Line/Waiter: Can I get you something? (same length of tone and meter to match the length of the incomprehensible mumble)

    FX: Cut to black with Animated Nike Logo and new tagline: Just Old.

    Camera Action 4: Long shot of everyone in the bar wearing the same retro wool style baseball cap and sporting waxed handlebar mustaches. KGJr. in foreground.

    Line/KGJr: No one around here ever heard of Rollie Fingers and I needed the money. (winks at camera).