Chuck’s Hop Shop now filling made-to-order cans of everything on tap


(Image: Chuck’s)

Get ready for the next frontier in to-go microbrews: cans.

Chuck’s Hop Shop at 20th and Union can now fill 32-oz cans to order for everything it has on tap. Owner Chuck Shin tells CHS his new beer canning machine is ready to roll.

“It’s pretty slick,” Shin said. “We fill it just like a growler.”

The cans, which are just like bigger versions store-bought variety, cost the same as a half-growler plus $1 for the can.

Shin said he got the idea from Seattle’s Timber City Ginger, which runs a small canning operation, and thought it was a good solution for customers who forget to bring in their growlers. The cans are also more mobile.

“It’s good for somebody who’s going camping or traveling who doesn’t want to bring a growler,” Shin said.

The cans will only be sold at Chuck’s Central District location to start. Chuck’s will also can any of its alcoholic taps, which Shin says are set to expand in the coming weeks. In addition to its current selection, including Rachel’s Ginger Beer (UPDATE: Oops. You can’t buy RGB on tap!), Shin said he will be adding more ginger beers, a cucumber soda, a cold brew coffee nitro from Stumptown, and root beers.

Just imagine how cool your kid will look at lunch cracking a 32-oz can of craft soda from Chuck’s.

You can learn more on the Chuck’s CD Facebook page.

UPDATE: Here’s a similar machine in action in Colorado:

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6 thoughts on “Chuck’s Hop Shop now filling made-to-order cans of everything on tap

  1. If I had a kid (that’s a BIG theoretical, but for the sake of argument) he or she would *never* be cracking a 32oz can of soda, “craft” or otherwise!