Return of the Capitol Hill newsstand: Big Little News planned for Pike/Pine

It’s been a decade since Capitol Hill last had a newsstand. The news? Well, it’s changed a bit in the meantime but the appetite for newspapers and magazines has somehow survived the explosive growth of online information and smartphones.

CHS has learned a new project coming to Pike/Pine from some familiar faces in the neighborhood will celebrate that appetite for the printed page — and the bottleshop. Continue reading

Watch out White Claw? A small part of $321M beer deal, Redhook Brewlab plans to add ‘domestic winery’ production on Capitol Hill

(Image: Redhook Brewlab)

Capitol Hill’s “Big Beer” siblings are about to become full-on brothers. Monday, the world’s largest beer maker Anheuser-Busch InBev announced its plans to acquire the remaining 68.8% of Redhook parent Craft Brew Alliance it doesn’t already own.

The move ends a short period of independence for CBA and Redhook after the international behemoth let a deadline pass for an option to fully purchase the Portland-based alliance and its brands including Kona Brewing, Omission Brewing, Square Mile Cider Co., Widmer Brothers Brewing, and, of course, Redhook and that Pacific Northwest-born brewer’s last real-world vestige, Capitol Hill nano-brewery, the Redhook Brewlab.

It’s not clear what if any near term impacts the deal could have on E Pike. The takeover is subject to regulatory approval and won’t close until 2020. Continue reading

Capitol Hill’s Redhook Brewlab in middle of big decision in big beer as Anheuser-Busch passes on purchase of Portland’s Craft Beer Alliance

Inside the Brewlab

Corporate beer, supposedly, sucks. Does smaller corporate beer suck… less? The Capitol Hill-based future for Redhook’s Brewlab isn’t exactly independent but it won’t fall fully under the shadow of global beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev now that the international behemoth has let the deadline pass for an option to fully purchase Redhook’s Portland parent, the Craft Brew Alliance.

“While disappointing, with this decision made, management can turn its attention to refining strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder value,” CBA head Andy Thomas said in a statement. Continue reading

Birds of a cask ale feather will flock together as Machine House’s Central District taproom becomes the Capercaillie Pub

Celebrate the 4th of July by drinking English ales

Capercaillie Pub will continue Machine House Brewery’s quest of serving English beer on E Jefferson. The new project is a result of a shift in ownership, and the pub will be taking over the brewery’s bar space, making a few smaller changes in addition to the name change and change in ownership.

“Our vision is the Capercaillie will be a neighborhood pub featuring cask ale, and a place where people can hang out and feel comfortable,” said Alex Brenner, the pub’s owner, “I really like the layout of the space, the staff are great with customers, and the beer we serve is spot on.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | The 8th annual Pine Box Beer Can Derby

How much does Seattle love beer? Seattle Beer Week is actually 10 days. At Capitol Hill’s chapel to brew the Pine Box, an annual SBW tradition played out Saturday.

The 8th annual Beer Can Derby again brought Boy and Girl Scout level bravery and creative use of glue and graphite to the tracks inside the Melrose beer hall’s breezeway. Continue reading

After makeover, Elysian, grandparent of Capitol Hill breweries, reopens its E Pike brewpub

Elysian’s Joe Bisacca

Elysian, the grandparent of Capitol Hill breweries, is fit for duty again. After a long-announced, four-month renovation of its Capitol Hill location, the 24-year old E Pike brewery and brewpub is ready to face the crowds again starting May 6th.

Elysian, located in a 1919-era Packard storage building, had been closed since late December last year for both front and back of house upgrades which included a makeover of the pub’s exterior as well as interior, kitchen, bathrooms and the installation of an all-new brewing equipment.

During a preview of the space, Elysian co-founder and CEO Joe Bisacca walked up the stairs of his new brew tanks. They were still empty. In the coming weeks, brewmasters will start filling them, but the brewing process will probably not start here before the new Elysian opens to the public on May 6th, or before its birthday party on May 10th. That Friday, Elysian celebrates 24th years on the Hill and in existence “with 1996 prices,” Bisacca said.

The brewery’s original layout has remained mostly unchanged since 1996, according to Bissaca, except for some maintenance.

“We really needed [an upgrade]. It was looking really dated. This was a full tear-down-to-nothing and build it back up,” he said, “while trying to make sure it kept a feel like it’s been here.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | A Washington Beer Open House at Capitol Hill’s Outer Planet Brewing

It may be Seattle Cocktail Week but Capitol Hill’s pocket of craft beer brewers — large and really small — opened their doors last Saturday for the annual Washington Beer Open House, a statewide celebration of the brewing industry.

CHS stopped by the teeniest of the bunch to enjoy the festivities. 12th Ave nanobrewery Outer Planet Brewing — yes, it really is located at street level below microhousing — just marked its fourth year brewing on Capitol Hill with new faces joining ownership including Jeff Linse and Gabriel Villenave. Continue reading

Capitol Hill’s Metier has new partner in Homegrown for cycling, coffee, sandwiches — and beer

(Image: Metier)

As a global brand stumbles with as much focus on fashion as cycling, Capitol Hill’s Metier is setting its own pace with a new partner on E Union.

Metier’s Todd Herriott tells CHS the decision to link up with Seattle “sustainable” sandwich shop concern Homegrown was a natural combination and will help keep the food and drink in Metier’s “Coffee and Racing” concept.

“We learned a lot,” Herriott said of Metier’s three years in the food and drink business after it opened its new headquarters combining a cafe, bike gym, and training center on E Union in late 2015. One of the lessons, Herriott said, was to find a partner to put Metier’s space more fully to use with good food connected to the space’s cycling culture. Continue reading

With OK on long-delayed construction, Elysian set to join Optimism and Redhook in Capitol Hill beer upgrades

(Image: Elysian Brewing)

A long-delayed and pared back overhaul of the grandaddy of Capitol Hill breweries is finally ready to get underway.

The city has finally issued construction permits for an overhaul of Capitol Hill’s Elysian Brewery that will include a refresh of the E Pike pub and beer production facility first planned as an opportunity to better showcase the brewing operation while making much needed equipment upgrades.

Opened in 1996 as Elysian’s original location, the E Pike brewery and brew pub will see a roster of upgrades ranging from an overhaul of the dining area, to bathroom upgrades, and new brewing equipment. The goal in 2016 when CHS talked to the company about the project was to create a “brewing amphitheater.”

A year earlier, Elysian joined what is called the “craft” wing of Anheuser-Busch InBev when they were purchased by the beer giant in 2015. The move that galvanized their share of market in 13 national markets and expanded it to almost all 50 states.

UPDATE 12/13/18: Elysian has announced full details of the work including a planned closure starting December 23rd through spring to get the work done:

Beginning on December 23rd, Elysian Brewing will temporarily close its doors to facilitate a full update to its Capitol Hill location. The brewery is set to debut the refreshed space in Spring 2019, which will feature an overall modernization of the pub, nodding to the Auto Row origins of the brewery’s location, while preserving the Elysian vibe and sentimental aspects of the original layout. Updates will include all-new brewing equipment and increased capacity, as well as the addition of a large garage door which will allow for outdoor patio seating.

Continue reading

CHS Pics | A Capitol Hill neon typo

Nothing drives the self-appointed copy editors of Capitol Hill more batty than the “Capital Hill” typo. Depending on your personality type, you’ll either want to make sure your pedantic friends never see this new neighborhood beer sign — or that they see it right away. We’re not giving away the location to protect the innocent and guilty, alike. Clues only in the comments, please.

Hat tip to @thecbsnetwork

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