Ignite Seattle comes to Capitol Hill’s The Egyptian

Thursday night at The Egyptian Theatre will bring the latest in a fast-spaced series of speaker events designed to inform in five minutes — or less.

Ignite Seattle has become a regular part of Town Hall Seattle’s offerings and with the venue getting a major upgrade, the next event — Ignite Seattle #36 — will take place on Capitol Hill:

Ignite Seattle

Here’s how it works:

Presenters are asked: If you had five minutes on stage, what would you say? What if you got only 20 slides, and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Touching briefly on a variety of topics, from the DIY community to parent-educator relationships, and presented by anyone and everyone, Ignite events are all-ages, fast-paced, sometimes-unpredictable, and always thought-provoking.

And here is Ignite #36’s lineup:

  • Why Consent Isn’t Simple As Explained By Tinder – Chloe
  • The Seattle Superman – Jonathan Belle
  • How to Woo a Seattle WOC – Marie Bolla
  • How Slack Saved my Life – Rob Eickmann
  • Getting Naked for Feminism – Katrina Hamilton
  • Why We All Still Talk Like Pirates – Monica Houston
  • Breaking the Ramadan Fast Live on Stage – Kholood Alabdullatif
  • Pooing in Public: A User Experience Guide to Bathroom Locks – Jason Preston
  • How I Dumped Denial: 60 is NOT the New 40 – Sally Fox
  • How a Punching Bag Saved My Life: Parenting Tips from a Group Home Kid – Phoenix Cavalier

CHS has two tickets to give away to Thursday night’s Ignite. All you have to do? Leave a comment here on the CHS site with a (preferably amusing!) Capitol Hill-related Ignite topic suggestion.

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2 thoughts on “Ignite Seattle comes to Capitol Hill’s The Egyptian

  1. Ignite suggestions:

    Bezos Balls: A Hands on Analysis

    Tech Bruhs: Seattle’s Missteps in Development

    Seattle Liberalism: I want to change the world! As long as it doesn’t inconvenience me in the slightest.