Big police response after fight with unruly bar patron at Chop suey — UPDATE

The scene on E Madison courtesy a CHS reader

SPD and emergency vehicles filled E Madison after a fight between security and an unruly patron brought multiple officers rushing to the Chop Suey music club Sunday night.

Police were called around 7:10 PM as a Chop Suey bouncer was struggling with the patron.

As the first police arrived, a second call went out over East Precinct radio for a “help the officer” incident bringing multiple police vehicles rushing to the scene.

UPDATE 11/19/2018: According to the just released SPD report on the incident, the fight involved two men who witnesses said had been drinking and acting strangely at the Diesel bar next door. After being kicked out of Diesel, one of the suspects reportedly urinated on Chop Suey’s door, sparking the confrontation with security.


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Arriving officers struggled to take two males into custody and reported an unruly crowd had to be held back form police during the disturbance. One suspect continued to struggle even after being handcuffed and reportedly was spitting blood at officers.

Seattle Fire was called to treat one officer for exposure. The bouncer also reportedly suffered multiple fractures to his hand in the incident. SFD was also at the scene to treat one of the males detained according to emergency radio dispatches.

Police say one suspect was questioned and released after it was determined the other male had been the main aggressor. That suspect was taken to King County Jail but could not be booked because he was bleeding from the fight. He was then taken to Harborview for treatment.

Eastbound Madison was closed to traffic at 13th Ave during the response.

Chop Suey was scheduled to host Oliver Francis with opener Big Baby Scumbag Sunday. The artist is slated to play Vancouver, B.C. Monday before heading to California to continue his “The Overdrive Tour.”

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3 thoughts on “Big police response after fight with unruly bar patron at Chop suey — UPDATE

  1. The suspect wasn’t in Chop Suey, to be clear, he was previously kicked out of Diesel just minutes before and he was urinating on our back door.

  2. I heard that the assholes were coming from Diesel and not Chop Suey. This article makes it sound like they came from chop Suey and in from the show which isn’t the case. Chop Suey wasn’t even open by the time the cops got there for their show.