Windy night snaps trees but not power on Capitol Hill

Neighbors along E Aloha woke to the sound of chainsaws and a wood chipper Saturday morning as a city crew worked to remove portions of a large tree that fell and blocked the street during Friday night’s windstorm.

While thousands across Seattle and more than 100,000 customers were left without power across western Washington, Capitol Hill and the Central District made it through the night’s storm mostly unscathed saved for a few reports of downed branches and cable TV wires.

On E Aloha near 17th Ave E, traffic backed up starting early in the night as the fallen branches and large section of the tree completely blocked the road.

Saturday, the crew had the road cleared and ready to reopen before 9 AM with a neat pile of freshly cut wood stacked on the E Aloha parking strip.

The storm came on the 12th anniversary of the 2006 Hannukah Eve storm that left more than 1.8 million without power. It would be the start of three years in a row of Hannukah storms culminating with 2008’s snowstorm.

The National Weather Service is predicting the rest of the weekend around Seattle to be rainy and “breezy” with wind gust reaching 24 MPH.

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