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Hanukkah Eve Storm III Open Thread

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UPDATE: Sunday 4:45 PM

  • Seeing lots of search queries bringing people to site looking for updates and advice on road conditions. Please add a note if you have a second to share what you know. Updating the update: Here are two votes for I5 vs. 99 once you do make it down from the Hill — Katelyn Hackett from Seattlest and WSDOT. Also, Madison is probably safest bet to I5.
  • Update: Coming back from Sea-Tac? Southern approach to the Hill is advised in comments below. Take Rainier to 12th or 14th for a more gradually sloped approach to Capitol Hill, then work your way toward home from the top.
  • Sea-Tac is a disaster. Making a few calls to see if the Madison to I5 route along the south side of the Hill is doable for anybody braving it.
  • Metro says they’ll be at half capacity again on Monday.
  • City has updated its safety and services info like trash/recycling.
  • Seattlest’s MvB lives covered the lastest storm’s impact on CHS from end to end in this photo essay.
  • There are several new snow and ice photos added to the CHS flickr pool.

UPDATE: Sunday 10:30 AM
I’m tucked away here in frozen Alaska watching the crazy reports and pictures. Hard to believe I’m seeing Capitol Hill in some of these. Here’s what we know (and some of what we don’t) thanks to comments, below, and the rest of the online universe. I’m going to leave this post in place to continue the conversation. Be safe out there.

FIRST POST: Saturday 12:45 PM
I’m missing the fun that’s supposed to hit today. So keep me posted on how this all shakes out.

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44 thoughts on “Hanukkah Eve Storm III Open Thread

  1. 3:30pm. Lots and lots of little flakes are falling. Just got back from QFC for a last-minute stock up. Top 3 items in others’ baskets: 1) Duraflames, 2) Chips and salsa, 3) booze. It’s going to be a fun night.

  2. if you need to get south, best way would be to take broadway south to Rainer.

    North, I’d say broadway to 10th ave E.

    But leaving quickly would be a priority. Also, cables for tires are only 40 bucks!

  3. I hear some cars (and one very large tour bus) starting to struggle getting up Madison around 19th (going west). Madison Market is closing at 6pm. Lots of people out on foot.

  4. it’s been lightly coming down for a good hour or so now and people are going nuts up here on 15th! qfc is full of people stocking up on the usuals (booze-check-frozen dinners-check-cookie dough ice cream-check). heard in line:

    “i can’t believe these people that stand in the self-checkout line with more than 5 items. don’t they get it?”

    i felt absolutely wonderful having to take my time out of scanning my plethora of items to show the attendant my id. because unlike many of my uptight neighbors, i can wait for others to get their necessities at the grocery store…

    happy snow day everyone! get out there and enjoy it!!

  5. Metro now says the 10 and 12 are running again. Wonder how long that will last? I haven’t spotted it on 19th, anyone else?

    Update: at 7:30, #12 trolleybus is running on 19th!

  6. Not only is 15th relatively drivable, most of the businesses up there are still open. That means you can get a hot cocoa/toddy after you go sledding on Aloha – hurray!

  7. I called the East Precinct’s main number and had a friendly chat about what was open/closed/dangerous and was ultimately sent down Bellevue to Pine>Boren> I-5 S. Good advice!

  8. How much would you say we’ve gotten so far?
    Also, can anyone believe Volunteer Park Cafe ran out of chocolate for drinks earlier this week? Crisis…has it been remedied?
    Thanks for the tips on getting off the hill…I am supposed to pick up my mother-in-law tomorrow at noon.

  9. I’m two blocks from Holy Names and just measured what’s on my patio table. Assuming we had two inches on there before this started, we have a solid six now, which means we’ve gotten 4″ so far. There’s no end in sight and it’s beautiful. I’m very, very happy there’s no wind.

  10. After last night’s mistake of falling asleep with the balcony door open (whoops) and waking up freezing, we finally turned on the bedroom heater for the first time since we moved here 1 1/2 years ago. Stinky! Anyone else burn off a bit of dust from the heating coils or are you still bravely tossing on a sweater and a pair of socks?

  11. 1am. Just got home from a very packed Smith. Huge snowball fight broke out on 15th and it look like several passing cars were pelted. The snow is deep, like 5-6″. The wind is starting to pick up and we experienced at least 5-10 seconds of blizzard-like conditions on our walk home, or at least it felt like it at the time.

  12. There are fireworks and screaming on olive at bellevue, with various incidents of urination happening on the saint’s building. It’s nice that people are having so much fun out there! I keep seeing people go by on snowboards and cross country skis.

  13. I braved the Snowpocalypse and went to the Mercury. Turned out to be a good night for it – Santarchy came to visit. Santas + goths = awesome.

    Walking home wasn’t too bad – no wind, new snow to walk on. The cool part was that the new snowfall has a glazing of frost on it – it looked like a frickin’ winter wonderland. And it was crunchy :D

  14. A quiet relaxed dinner at the Elysian last night: few customers, lots of staff.

    And wonderful big windows to watch the flakes floating down.

  15. I just saw a 48 blow through a red light at Broadway & Harrison. Maybe they don’t have stop lights on the normal 48 route?

    Also spotted at Broadway and Harrison, for reasons I’m sure I’ll never understand:
    the 3 is on Broadway?

  16. We spotted the 3 and the 4 on Broadway on Thursday! What are the chances of that 3 getting anywhere close to Madrona and/or 34th?

  17. After an entire day I returned home with the fam around 6:30 pm. The roads were pretty tough in our front wheel drive Mazda. I5 was ok the problems occured when I tried to get up the Hill (to the eastside). I choose poorly by taking 520 to 23rd…ending up almost cresting the hill to Aloha before sliding in place. Quite a few cars were stuck trying to get up 23rd. I turned around and up going downtown via 520 and I5. Exited at Union and we came up Pike, it was touch and go but we eventually made it to 19th and Madision and home. I cursed many a red light coming up pike to Madison.

  18. Thanks for the info Dave. My husband gets in from Minneapolis at midnight…awesome. So, not up 23rd, and maybe not up Pike? Has anyone exited the freeway earlier and come up from the South through the ID?

  19. I took Rainier north on thursday (from i90), it has to be the gentlest slope up the hill, and you can get to 12th pretty easily, just look out for folks going downhill at intersections.

    If you need to get to 17th/18th south of union, go north first on 12th (past pike/pine), and try to wiggle up to 15th/19th, then go back south.

    (I lived on 17th/union during the snow storm two years ago and that was the only way to get a fwd car up to my apartment. now on this end of the hill, the only options still appear to be 10th and Rainier)

  20. I asked on Twitter and sounds like the approach from south is way to go.
    From MonsoonEast: “From Rainier Ave northbound I would turn onto 12th/14th at Jackson St. Far easier grade getti ng into Capital Hill.”

    From mrzarquon: “I drove rainier thursday, i’d assume it would still be the best route, m ost gradual slope.”

  21. From today’s P-I
    Q: Is it legal to drive a snowmobile on city streets?
    A: Yes, in some cases.
    The rules are defined in section 46.10.110 of the Revised Code of Washington, though additional city regulations may apply in some areas.

    Notwithstanding the provisions of RCW 46.10.100, it shall be lawful to operate a snowmobile upon a public roadway or highway:
    # Where such roadway or highway is completely covered with snow or ice and has been closed by the responsible governing body to motor vehicle traffic during the winter months; or
    # When the responsible governing body gives notice that such roadway or highway is open to snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicle use; or
    # In an emergency during the period of time when and at locations where snow upon the roadway or highway renders such impassible to travel by automobile; or
    # When traveling along a designated snowmobile trail.
    The penalty for violating this law? $134, according to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

    Hmmmm… maybe I need to get a snowmobile to get around The Hill…

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