So, what happened to the Capitol Hill snowball road rage driver?

In the middle of all the snow, video of a Capitol Hill road rage incident involving snowballs and an irate driver spread across social media and got plenty of play on local TV.

Police responded to the corner of Bellevue and Thomas just before 7 PM Sunday, February 10th to a fight underway at Thomas Street Park after a driver in a jeep reportedly attempted to run people down. Video of the incident shows the 27-year-old driver crash to a stop and the snow dust-up that followed over snowballs reportedly tossed in the melee. There were no reported serious injuries.

Police determined the driver was under the influence of drugs, according to SPD.

According to Seattle Municipal Court records, the driver spent the night in jail following the incident after the Lake Forest Park woman was booked for investigation of DUI and reckless driving.

The Seattle City Attorney has not charged the driver in the incident but could do so in the future, according to court documents. We are not aware of any other arrests or possible charges related to the incident.

The Thomas Street Park road rage incident was the highest profile 911 activity on the Hill through the snowy and icy start to February. In the early round of snow, Seattle Fire battled a two-house blaze on 23rd Ave E in freezing conditions. Wednesday, February 6th, police were called to the Hillcrest Market after a man pulled a knife and stole around $5 worth of soda. Friday, February 8th around 4 AM, a man told police he was pepper sprayed after being robbed by a stranger who had first approached him and hugged him in the 1800 block of Boren. And Tuesday morning, the Central District’s Union Market was held up at gunpoint.

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2 thoughts on “So, what happened to the Capitol Hill snowball road rage driver?

  1. Why hasn’t she been charged?! A whole lot of the problems we suffer from seem to stem from the City Attorney’s unwillingness to enforce the law. It’s not rocket appliances, guys.

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