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RIP Cafe Europa

Tipster tells us Cafe Europa — which once billed itself as “the non-Capitol Hill cafe” — is no more. We’re told the spot on the edges of Volunteer Park will be filled by a swanky “upscale comfort food” joint run by the owners of Carmelita.

Meanwhile, they were reportedly giving away their Cafe Europa junk today. Items piled on the sidewalk included a “large sign reading Volunteer Park Grocery (Since 1906) with a painting of the mountains,” an “old dirty beer fridge” and a “huge freezer.” Also reportedly, that freezer has gone to a good home to be used for ice cream bar storage. No word on the fate of some of the strange portraits of historical figures hanging on the walls — was that Mussolini near the front door?


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2 thoughts on “RIP Cafe Europa

  1. I drove past a couple days ago and was shocked! It’s one of those places that I always meant to check out and thought I had time.

    Seize the day, I guess.

  2. I say, good riddance! The menu was stale, the staff sullen (were they indentured servants?) and and the overall vibe was bad. Althought I did appreciate a place to get free wireless access when my ISP went down.

    The neighborhood could use a good lunch/dinner spot – the new owners say they will provide take-out too. Welcome and we look forward to your opening soon.