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The secret of the Kingfish Cafe mural

Hard to look at the strange relief map on the side of the Kingfish Cafe building and not wonder, “Why?” or “What?”

Neighbor Anne knows the answer to both of those. Turns out, the building’s history is just as strange and wonderful as the otherwordly coast the mural outlines in the sky.

Image: Pelican Bay Foundation

Completed in 1977 back when the Hill was still very crunchy and everybody was driving funky VW buses, the work is called City in the Sky. You can read all about it on the site of the organization that created it — The Pelican Bay Foundation:

The Hopi Indians believed in star constellations and believed in ancient maps that had been drawn as a guide to the spiritual world. The Hopi believed that they existed at the center of the earth or Turtle Island. That beyond Turtle Island was the sky and that beyond the sky were dimensional portals. Beyond the dimensional portals was an area called the Ocean of Pitch, were the beauty of the night sky and the galaxies spun out towards them. Beyond that were the boundaries of the universe. And set along the rim at the boundaries of the universe were where their gods resided.

Pelican Bay was responsible for more than the art and new age mysticism — according to their site, they saved the building and built it into a home for an artist co-op. They also had a cafe that didn’t really serve foodThe Pelican Cove was not a real restaurant it was something even better, a surreal restaurant.

It’s a shame to reveal too much more about th history of the Pelican Bay Foundation here so keeping this post brief — better to explore the site yourself because, basically, the story is so rich, you won’t believe it actually happened. Like the cafe, the history is surreal — I’m still not sure if neighbor Anne is pulling our legs. She’s moved off the Hill to South Park so it’s possible this is just a prank. Did this really happen? City in the Sky, I guess, is proof.

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  1. The mural on the side of the old Pelican Bay Artists Cooperative Building was created about thirty years ago back when there were more artists and intellectuals living in that are prior to yuppification and tekkies displacing intellectuals in the Seattle area. pelican Bay Artists Coperative thrived for a while as a genuine attempt at independent freethinking artists and writers. Eventually some degenerates managed to fenagle control of the building, tuining the co-op and pressuring the girls living there to give sex if they were low on their rent. Thusly, pelican Bay degenerated, however, the mural remains.