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Arts meeting at Century Ballroom: City needs a ‘cultural manager’

This is what a City Council meeting in the Century Ballroom looks like

Tuesday’s night’s meeting to discuss recommendations to preserve and create space for artists drew a crowd of about 100 to an unusual Capitol Hill setting for a City Council committee meeting. The Century Ballroom served as host for the event which was as much a social gathering as it was formal Council business. The purpose of the night was to publicly present the six recommendations we wrote about earlier for creating and maintaining affordable space for artists in Seattle.

Councilmember Jean Godden attended the Cultural Overlay District Advisory Committee session and said that even though there aren’t funds available to put the recommendations into action, the plan is a good start. “We have to make sure we have the money,” Godden said. “But there is resolution to go ahead and at least get started. The first thing to do is find a point person to make these things happen.”

The “point person” Godden referred to relates to CODAC’s second recommendation: Allocate a staff position as a district cultural manager, to work specifically with cultural districts, and be a liaison with other City departments, community organizations, and cultural agencies.

Don’t know why he sat there, but glad he did

The city could choose to tap CODAC co-chairs Fidelma McGinn or Randy Engstrom. But alert your art-type friends with an organizational and civic bent. Sounds like City Hall will be hiring soon.

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One thought on “Arts meeting at Century Ballroom: City needs a ‘cultural manager’

  1. With all the social services on the chopping block, it is interesting how the arts folks can’t back off, pretending the boom is still in place.

    My BIG interest is making sure food banks are well staffed and loaded with product.

    Oh well, let the poor starve in hard times, let’s have cake and gild the frames … get city funds to study … art needs … and tons of money to “artists.”

    Oh, the cake is ready, and take the left over to the shelter.