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Empty lot has, um, a lot going on Thursday: temporary art gallery, new Cap Hill home for Marination Mobile – UPDATE

The empty, gravel lot that has become a symbol of changing Capitol Hill and Hill activism will be home to two rather interesting developments that don’t involve design reviews, setbacks, or floor area ratios:

First, the lot will host a temporary art gallery where one accidental artist will receive $500 for sharing a work of art:

They tore the heart of Capitol Hill out and replaced it with a parking lot. The great comedy of greed. But this Thursday we are going to create a new gallery on that block, lay down a hundred and fifty feet of white rope, define an entrance and call it home. It is our 2009 Arbitrary Art Grant for Art Dealing, and we invite you to strap on a painting, a photograph, some 2-D piece of art- around your neck like a big Flav necklace. Hell, put a price tag on it. And step on this white rope. With enough people, your bodies will become the walls, and for an hour, pedestrians can stroll into this temporary structure and view a selection of poorly curated work (one thing at a time, alright?) Artists- throw on your work. Friends- try and hawk your shy artist friends work. Dealers- extend your arms and hang a tryptich just to show the punks how it is done. Maybe you sell something, maybe not. But one person will walk with $500.00 cash, chosen randomly, in one small effort to recognize and appreciate the true nature of our arts culture. Plus, how cool would it be to make a gallery out of bodies? Come one, come all! The Arbitrary Art Grant in Art Dealing is a rain or shine event, open to all people, of all skill levels, and all that jazz…

Thursday night is Capitol Hill Blitz arts walk so plan to include the People’s Parking Lot in your itinerary for the evening.

You might also plan to come hungry. Marination Mobile makes its debut in its new Cap Hill home in that very lot Thursday night. Here’s the details from the People’s Parking Lot blog:

Congrats to Marination Mobile for negotiating a lease with Murray Franklyn, to park Big Blue on the lot Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and serve up tasty treats. PPL is happy and proud to have put them in touch with the right folks at Murray Franklyn! 


Got a note from Roz of Marination Mobile:

Well, we were able to secure a deal for the lot on Pine, but the most recent glitch is that we can’t get onto the lot. The curb on Belmont is low enough for us, but cars are parked there all the time because for now it’s 24/7 free parking in cap hill. I’m trying to work out a way for the developer to put some sort of no parking barricade in one spot so we can pull in. We hope…really hope… To sort this out to be there Thursday.


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One thought on “Empty lot has, um, a lot going on Thursday: temporary art gallery, new Cap Hill home for Marination Mobile – UPDATE

  1. Just got a tweet from @curb_cuisine aka Marination Mobile that says “No Cap Hill until further notice.”

    What happened to their spot at Summit and Pine?