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Reminder: CHS yoga Wednesday morning

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Next Tuesday night, we’ll be hosting the (mostly!) monthly CHS happy hour at the Bottleneck Lounge along with our pals from Central District News.

To add some balance, we thought it might be nice to try a CHS social that did not include alcohol. Novel!

Join CHS at a special edition of HEALEO and Phyzz Yoga’s morning stretch sessions. For $9, you’ll get a yoga class, a smoothie and CHS will be there to guarantee you aren’t the least limber person in the room. Fun starts at 9 AM.

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2 thoughts on “Reminder: CHS yoga Wednesday morning

  1. Hi everyone – just a reminder that this is a 35-minute power stretch class that focuses on standing poses and breath control. No mats, flexibility, or yoga experience required, promise! Show up and be ready for a light workout followed by a gorgeous drink of your choice to carry you merrily into your day.

  2. Ok, so your additional comment has moved this event to my “maybe” column.
    As much as I LOVE CHS and the community, I wasn’t sure you all needed to see my downward dog or the faces I make when trying to bend this wreck of a body into a pose. :)