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Mini Empire Bakery: Small is Delicious

When I heard the rumor that a new bakery was coming to the neighborhood, I was interested.  But when I heard there was going to be pie…I knew I had to investigate. Mini Empire Bakery, brought to you by Capitol Hill residents Morgan Greenseth and Christy Beaver, is the newest contender in the fight for baked-goods supremacy on Capitol Hill.  What are they bringing into the ring? Small portions, less sugar, and of course…pie. 

On the smaller portions front is Christy Beaver’s creation, the “scookie”, a scone the size of a cookie. As for pies, Greenseth and Beaver claim that they’ve mastered the art of making pies in mason jars.  They’re sold already assembled and frozen, ready for gift-giving or baking.  In true Capitol Hill style, there are vegan options explicitly on the menu, and any other item Mini-Empire provides can be baked up vegan as well.

Beaver and Greenseth say they’ll have their big public launch on January 23rd to coincide with National Pie Day. The event will take place at Porchlight Coffee, and it will be a celebration of their signature mini-pie, the launch of their in-store sales and the launch of a shiny new website. While this event will be their introduction to the neighborhood, they’re not ready for brick and mortar just yet. “A storefront is at least one year out”, says Beaver. “We have a little more work to do financially, though we’re sailing right through perfecting recipes.” Until then, Greenseth and Beaver will be taking orders by email as usual and they also plan to sell their delicious creations at Porchlight Coffee and other Capitol Hill locations.

After being happy resident of Seattle for six years, Comrade Bunny started blogging about it. That is so Capitol Hill. For more geek/green/Seattle, see Life on the Hill and Other Stories.

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10 thoughts on “Mini Empire Bakery: Small is Delicious

  1. I had the pleasure of tasting some of Morgan and Christy’s creations at the Grinch/Ginch fashion show recently. DE-lish! I can’t wait for the launch. I’m sure they have come up with many more fantastic concoctions since my introduction.

  2. I dropped by Porchlight yesterday, and the owner (can’t remember his name!) said that he was selling Fuel pies. Is this the same company? I think the Fuel pies come in little Mason jars, too.

    Anyway, pie. Yum!

  3. Nah, High Five pies are made by the folks of Fuel. Hmmm, I guess they’re still in process for getting the mason jar pies sold at Porchlight.

  4. To clear up the confusion, High 5 sent over a box of samples that I (and others) ate! But Morgan and Christy are good friends of mine, and I’ll be carrying their stuff. It’s delicious and has vegan options!