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Arabica Lounge celebrates grand opening on East Olive Way

With a recent grand opening at a neighboring coffee lounge making worldwide news, Arabica Lounge celebrates its own start on East Olive Way with a Friday night “black and white” party.

We talked to owner Jojo Corväiá  about Arabica as he was preparing to open the new coffee shop and hangout spot this summer. Corväiá told us he wanted the lounge to be a place to come for communal eating and drinking, not a place people come to be to isolate themselves. Arabica has been open for a few weeks but Corväiá put some extra work in finishing the overhaul of the former Super Cuts space before being ready for the big “official” opening.

Arabica says the Friday part will include an art opening by MR Ruiz, live music by the Caress Lovers plus special guests. Attendees are requested to wear “1930-1950 black and white” attire.

Photo: Arabica Lounge Facebook

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5 thoughts on “Arabica Lounge celebrates grand opening on East Olive Way

  1. I’m really happy to have a local spot open up at this location. It’s on the way to my bus stop so if I get a late start from home I can always count on a good cup of coffee and a snack.

    Service is earnest and friendly, coffee is good. However, I would really recommend they start carrying the same ham and cheese croissants that Vivace and Bauhaus carry. Those things are so delicious… a snack I’d go out of my way to get.

  2. Spencer – Arabica works with Macrina and Bauhaus works with the french bakery – not sure if there would be cross over potential.

  3. Hi guys… This is Jojo from Arabica, letting you know that we don’t work with Macrina nor the French Bakery. Most of our goods are baked in house, specially our cakes. We also make our Cookies and harvest bread, which by the way, are Vegan. Croissants are made by a neighbor baker. We are doing everything with a very local mentality. As soon as I saw Macrina goods at Whole Foods, we decided to go more unique and exclusive. We just hired a bakes who’s only job is research and develop Vegan recipes for goods that look great, taste fantastic and are “superfood”. We are really focused on creating a clear differentiator. I hope you guys appreciate our efforts. Stop by and sample these items…