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Barre3 Capitol Hill opens Monday with week of free classes

Hey turkey tummy, time to shape up so you can enjoy some Christmas fudge. The Capitol Hill branch of the popular Barre3 fitness studios opens Monday in the Trace Lofts retail space just in time to help you out and is offering a week of free classes to get you started:

barre3 Seattle – Capitol Hill opens Monday, November 29th! First week of classes are free, so sign up today! Classes are almost full!

(We love that Facebook fan who caught the CapitAl Hill typo on the Barre3 page — give that gal a high five)

Like most free classes promotions, this one is probably going to fill up fast so better move quickly — you an sign up on the Barre3 site here by clicking on the Schedule link.

We wrote about the Barre3 business concept filling a space in the Trace building back in July. The Capitol Hill studio is owned by the duo behind the Bellevue Barre3 branch, Heather Kass and Anna McEvers. Fortunately for our turkey tummies, its neighbor High 5 Pies is still putting finishing touches on its part of the space.

If Barre3 isn’t for you, Capitol Hill is home to a variety of alternative workout options from Gold’s Gym on Broadway to Foundation Crossfit in Pike/Pine to indie bootcamps in many of our neighborhood parks. One of those bootcamps starts its new session also on Monday. Southside Bootycamp is for the ladies and has 6:15 AM and 7:30 AM sessions starting Monday. CHS will not be attending.

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One thought on “Barre3 Capitol Hill opens Monday with week of free classes

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I managed to get into a class and am looking forward to it. Gotta say, though – their website is TERRIBLE. I wonder if it’s a franchise requirement to always link to the main site, not the studio you’re looking for? If so, it’s a crappy idea – having to click through several pages to get to the site I really want is bad enough. Then several of the links within that site are not yet live. Hope they can get that resolved quickly, since registering through the site seems to be the way to go.