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Police investigate hate graffiti at Boren apartment building

Police are investigating graffiti in the laundry room of an apartment building in the 1400 block of Boren Avenue that the building manager believes is targeting him because of his unwillingness to back down from a group that he says has repeatedly broke into the building. The spray paint and marker slurs are being investigated as malicious harassment, the state’s hate crime statute.

The apartment manager told police the graffiti occurred sometime early in the morning last Wednesday, January 12:

V/   walked the building again at 0900hrs on 01-12-11, and found that the laundry room had been “trashed” and the words “FAG” and “FAGIT” were written on the laundry room walls.

V/   found the door to the apartment storage unit areas had been kicked open, and a storage unit for apartment 115 had been pried open. V/   found three areas on the outside of the building that had been spray painted, as well.  V/   immediately thought of S/  , and unidentified suspects2, 3, 4, and 5.  These suspects have been burglarizing the building, damaging property, and harassing V/   for the last several months.  V/   has made several SPD reports for these incidents.  V/   thinks that these suspects are responsible because he has caught them in the building several times and thrown them out.

These suspects have repeatedly yelled “Fag!” and “Brown Stain!” at V/   and told V/   that they can do whatever they want and the police won’t stop them.  This occurs when V/   has been out walking in the neighborhood.  The last time V/   saw any of them was last week when S/   told V/   that the police will never catch the group or doing anything to help V/  .  V/   is  and is used to having derogatory things yelled at him, but to have these things written on the walls of his building is very offensive.  V/   thinks that these suspects are harassing him because V/   stood up to them, and they are trying to scare him into backing down.  V/  believes the suspects sneak intothe building through the garage and then exit through fire escapes.

Police found evidence including a yellow Sharpie marker at the scene that was collected to be sent to the lab for fingerprint analysis.

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  1. You’d think somebody would pick up the Bat Phone or light up the Bat Signal and call on seattle’s own Superheroes to catch these fools…..

  2. The manager is very courageous to stand up to these gutter punks. But this is a potentially even more serious situation and could escalate into violence. I hope he’s being very careful, and I wish him the best success.

    Isn’t there something the SPD could do to catch these criminals? Do they do “stakeouts” these days? Or, at the least, a video camera might act as a deterrence.

  3. Yes, SPD does old fashioned “Stakeouts” every night. Taggers are often caught, arrested, and booked into jail. Unfortunately they are released the next day on 400.00 bond. Plead guilty and get credit for the 30 hours served in jail and walk away. The citizens of this city need to wake up and get slapped with a large dose of reality right in the face. Since these taggers wrote some bad words on the wall that offend people their heads are being called for. Those same people would bitch and moan if officers saw this happening, ended up in a foot pursuit, and at the end of that foot pursuit had to use force to take these turds to jail. If you don’t want the ugly crime then don’t pretend the deterrent isn’t ugly either. People that do these things are not nice people or ‘misguided’ street youth. They are car prowlers, burglars, mail thieves, meth heads. Call when you see something suspicious in your building, support the Officers when they get there. Most of all, please wake up and vote for a city prosecutor who’s platform does not ride on far reaching social issues that a city prosecutor can have no effect on. How about a city prosecutor that prosecutes crimes….as he is supposed to.