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The story of the buzz, the pop and the crow at Madison and 18th

First there was the buzzing

This is a noise problem with the radio towers that sits on 18th & Madison.  For the last 48 hours (since Wednesday), the radio towers has this very loud buzzer sound that has been going off every 30 seconds, day and night, non-stop. 

Then there was the pop

at approx 6:45 am today august 8th, a transformer atop a power pole exploded at the corner by the radio towers. i actually saw the expolsion and the shower of sparks. a few seconds later, black smoke belched from two (supposed) exhaust pipes and all was quiet, there was a no fire or smoke. an employee in the building stuck his head outside and i told him about the explosion. perhaps they’re related?

Now, there is the crow… Here is the story from Seattle City Light on what caused the brief power outage near the formerly buzzing 18th and Madison this morning:

There was a brief interuption [sic] in service this morning in the area near 18th and Madison. A crow landed on a riser and created a short circuit between two phases of the power lines. The breaker reset and service was restored.

There was some minor damage to a switch, but no transformer was damaged.

We’re sure the crow is fine.

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2 thoughts on “The story of the buzz, the pop and the crow at Madison and 18th

  1. The crow was most certainly NOT fine! My son and I passed it, lying dead on the sidewalk, on our walk to Cal Anderson yesterday and were wondering what had happened to it. Now we know!