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Homicide investigation: Two dead, one wounded in First Hill apartment building

Two people were found dead — including a small child — and another man was taken to Harborview with life-threatening injuries in a violent attack inside a First Hill apartment Thursday morning. Officers found the shocking scene inside the M Street apartment highrise just after 10:30a as police responded to the secure apartment building and were let into the 17th-floor unit by a person inside. Details on the nature of the attack and the relationship of the people found in the unit are not yet being released as the homicide investigation continues in the building at 8th and Madison. Our original report from the scene and additional details are below.

Original Report — 10:41 AM: SPD and medic crews swarmed 8th/Madison’s M Street building this morning as two people were found dead and one wounded inside the highrise.

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6 thoughts on “Homicide investigation: Two dead, one wounded in First Hill apartment building

  1. Wow….I used to live in that building. If I remember correctly, the 17th floor was one of the two ‘elite’ floors: you had to have a special key card for the 16th & 17th floors to access them from the elevator. It was quite secure (you couldn’t even go up the stairs without a key card), so I’ll be surprised if this is an act of random violence. Sounds like it isn’t, if SPD is already stating the community isn’t at risk.

    Heartbreaking that a child is dead.

  2. It’s remarkable the violence that can accompany rejection. The endocrinologist’s hormones got the better of him.

    His killing of their child is harder to fathom.

  3. This place is two blocks from Virginia Mason, three blocks to Swedish and five blocks to Harborview. A great place to be injured and survive!