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Fire in Boylston commercial building, flooded halls at 14th Ave E apartments — UPDATE

Seattle Fire responded to a couple of significant building issues on Capitol Hill overnight including a stubborn fire in the commercial building on Boylston at Pine and flooding inside a 14th Ave apartment building.

We’re still confirming details in the blaze at 1605 Boylston but it was reported just before 2:30a and fire fighters were at the scene for clean-up into the morning after working to identify the source and bring the fire under control for more than 30 minutes. No significant external damage was visible at the space which houses Enterprise rental cars below and a handful of office spaces and studios above. According to fire personnel at the scene, damage inside was limited. No word yet on any injuries associated with the fire.

Early reports placed the fire between the first and second floors. Fire spread into the walls in a few locations of the three story building. The incident was called in after smoke was seen rising from the top of the building.

Firefighters worked to bring the situation under control for more than 30 minutes.

And, in a minor but notable sidebar, Sunday morning early birds were sorry to find Stumptown E Pine shut down with the building without water after the night’s activities.

Meanwhile, we have reports of significant amounts of water making a mess of the Capitol Park Seattle Housing Authority apartments at 525 14th Ave E.

Resident Summer tells us an upper story leak was the culprit and that a SHA plumber was on the way when she wrote us last night. “The 4th floor and below have standing water in the halls and stairwell,” she writes.

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One thought on “Fire in Boylston commercial building, flooded halls at 14th Ave E apartments — UPDATE

  1. I was just in the building. There is some puddling in the halls and smokey smell, and the restrooms are out of order but the offices are functional. The pawn shop on the street level has people carrying stuff out so they probably have water damage.