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CHS Pics | The Traveling Piano — and Danny and Mo — comes to Capitol Hill

If you saw this woman riding around Capitol Hill in the back of a truck with a dog and a piano, it wasn’t the egg nog:

Check out Danny and Mo on 12th and Pike! I got to cruise around the hood with them and played ‘heart and soul’ about 20 times…

The Traveling Piano is in town.

…Danny along with new piano dog Mo and piano dog Bo in spirit… they are on a journeynamed the Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration… using spontaneity and synchronicity to create music for people to discover… with musical empowerment and inspiration and… without commercial, organizational or political affiliation… the vehicle is now called the Traveling Piano. The piano is shared with everyone, without cost and especially for those who have never had the experience of trying out a piano on the back of a pickup truck with a cute pup sitting on top of the piano! Danny and Mo live in providence with gratitude as they traverse the world for the sake of fun, friendship and respect. Rather than for entertainment or performance the Traveling Piano is all about creating one-on-one relationships. Danny and Mo stay with friends and strangers who share their homes, neighborhoods and communities. The duo’s music and their lifestyle now… strictly improvisational. The journey… five years and running. 

More from Danny’s Seattle visit here.

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