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Woman arrested after Boylston Ave knife attack

A female attacker was arrested early Saturday morning after a woman suffered lacerations to her arms in an assault in the 1700 block of Boylston.

According to police, the 2:40a incident involved some sort of altercation between the two women that resulted in non-life threatening injuries for one of the women. The victim was transported to the hospital while her alleged assailant was taken into custody. Police are still gathering information but provided preliminary information on the incident.

The 1729 Boylston Ave address for the assault checks out to the Rialto Apartments. It’s the same location where a man who was shot in the stomach was reported to have dragged himself to the stoop in this October 2011 attempted street robbery.

Last week, CHS reported on a man who was stabbed in the chest and robbed in an incident a few blocks away on Summit Ave.

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3 thoughts on “Woman arrested after Boylston Ave knife attack

  1. It’s not clear if this happened on the street or within the building. Do you happen to know the location?

    Yet another incident on one of the 17xx blocks… Bad news.

  2. SPD wasn’t able to clarify when I spoke with them in the middle of the night (info hadn’t moved through the chain yet). I’ll be able to update more on Monday.