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Capitol Hill’s St. Joe’s says no to anti-gay marriage petitions

18th and Aloha’s St. Joseph’s will not allow the circulation of Referendum 74 petitions to repeal Washington’s marriage equality law, a move that puts the parish in defiance of Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain

The Seattle PI reported on the break with the Seattle Archdiocese on Thursday.

“You may have heard about a petition drive concerning Referendum 74, which will be gathering signatures at a number of parishes in Seattle,” a message on the St. Joe’s homepage reads. “Please be aware that Fr. Whitney has decided that no petitioning will be permitted anywhere on the campus of St. Joseph. Please contact Fr. Whitney with any concerns.”

Backers have until June to collect 120,000+ signatures to put the referendum on the November ballot.

The St. Joseph’s Parish includes more than 1,200 households.

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10 years ago

There’s no reason why a church should be enforcing their views on civil marriage (or any other legal matter) on those outside that church. Of course, no Roman Catholic church will ever allow a same sex marriage in their chruch — that’s their absolute right. But, I’m glad to see at least one priest keeping religion and state separate.

10 years ago

Amen to that.

10 years ago

In The Stranger Slog there is a list of the other local Catholic churches that have said no to this as well… so great to see them charting a truly moral course.

10 years ago

and all the other Seattle parishes refusing to circulate the petitions.

10 years ago

Right-on, St. Joe’s! At least some Catholic parishes have the courage to defy the homophobic Roman Catholic Church.

10 years ago

I guess you can say St Joe’s is a little more catholic in their tastes!

Angela Medina
10 years ago

Good for them! That’s where I went to grade school. And that’s where I learned to be compassionate and loving toward ALL people.

10 years ago

Jesus drove the merchants from the temple, declaring it a place of worship. These petitioners are selling bigotry and divisiveness.
As a former student and parishioner, I am once more proud ofSt Joes’ stand.

10 years ago

Good for them.

Katie S
10 years ago

And shame on the Catholic churches that will be doing this, and shame on the archbishop for calling for it.

While technically legal, political petitions of any kind have no place in church.

Glad to hear
10 years ago

Nice that they were practicing this before it became the in thing. Sounds like they have had a long line of strong proud leaders. Now if more were brought up in this type of church, rather than one that teaches hate as doctrine, imagine where we could be as a society…

Tom Cochran
10 years ago

Thank you and bless you, Father Whitney. I back you up 100%. Sometimes we have to follow our conscience and simply do what is right. Whatever happens with the petition, I feel a little stronger and a little better about being a gay man who tries very hard to keep the faith. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.