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People’s Republic of Scratch Deli infiltrates Capitol Hill

They’re going to have come up with a better name.

It turns out, Seattle street food-born Scratch Deli’s presence on Capitol Hill is not temporary. Ian Thackaberry and Tristan Devin, the new owner at People’s Republic of Koffee, are teaming up in the 12th Ave converted house the coffee shop has called home since moving from next door in 2009. They’re still operating separate businesses but the shared space has them sorting out ways to combine their operations.

“I’m kind of the sweet to his savory,” Devin said summing up the relationship — business and personality? — in a statement to the media he will likely regret for much of his life. It’s OK, Tristan, we think it’s charming. And we’re happy with the new joint venture’s promise.

CHS was also uncharacteristically late to the party on Scratch’s long-term intentions on 12th Ave. We’ve noted the presence in passing in our weekly food notes but it wasn’t until a Facebook update caught our attention that we put things together. In return for pimping his Kickstarter, we asked that Facebook poster, Andrew Boscardin, to scout Scratch out. Here’s what he reported back:


4 thumbs up for Scratch Deli. Mike and I visited for lunch yesterday. They have a small but solid rotating menu of sandwiches, with a number of pulled pork options. Vegan and gluten-free options are available, according to the sign. Our sandwiches were delicious and generously sized. Plus our timing was such that we were given fresh chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven, still in their molten stage. It looks like they are there to stay, at least for a while. I hope so! Definitely a great edition to the lunch options East of Broadway. 

Andrew, here’s your payment. Kickstarter: Whitney and Andrew Record a Pop Album Together. Thanks for the reconnaissance.

Here’s how Thackaberry, a former Whole Foods butcher, describes Scratch:

The menu is designed so that all of the sandwiches can be made gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan.  There is no gluten in any of the meats, sauces, or condiments, so a simple substitution of bread makes anything gluten-free (and it’s the best gluten-free bread you’ve ever had).  Sauteed shiitake mushrooms make an excellent vegetarian base for all of the sandwiches.

He sources his goods locally and his highly dependent on local farmers markets for his sandwich fixings.

The plan, Thackaberry says, is to establish his Scratch kitchen and HQ on 12th Ave and roll out a sandwich truck again after his start in the parking lot at the former Wine World — now Wine World & Spirits — in Wallingford.

For Devin, the sweet side of the equation we remind you, the focus is on letting the world know about his fresh-baked rolls and cookies in his first months as an owner in the cafe where he worked for years. Kevin Hyder is still part of the ownership but Devin is guiding the Republic to its future. That future looks to be a combination with Scratch and new life in a comfortable old space on 12th Ave. Sweet and savory. Together. Forever.

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