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No injuries as Subaru takes out gate at Zion’s Gate on E Pike

Seattle Fire responded to a “heavy rescue” incident at the corner of 11th and E Pike Friday morning to find a car had crashed through the security gate in front of Zion’s Gate Records but nobody injured at the scene.

No official word yet on what caused the driver to crash the car on a sunny, quiet morning just before 9:30a in Pike/Pine. Damage was limited to the smashed security fence and the silver car which sustained damage mainly to its right side. Media, fire and police swarmed the scene as a crew put up security tape and mopped up some spilled liquid from the sidewalk. The car was able to be moved from the entrance to the record store shared with retailer 35 North.

We’ll check with SPD to see what else we can learn about the incident in the middle of what will be a bustling part of the neighborhood later in the day.

Thanks to Laura Olson for the breaking news photo!


Zion’s Gate taped off (Images: CHS)

Meanwhile, the crash wasn’t the only rescue call in the area Seattle Fire was responding to this morning. As the clean-up on E Pike was wrapping up, crews rushed to 30th and Cherry to the scene of this car rollover.

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6 thoughts on “No injuries as Subaru takes out gate at Zion’s Gate on E Pike

  1. My late wife aways used to joke that a Subaru station wagon was the official Seattle/Capitol Hill / Fred Hutch car. (that’s why I tried to put my key in the lock of the wrong blue Subaru wagon in the Hutch garage).

    So a Subaru should be the suspect in any single car accident and a collision of two is the most likely accident.

  2. The lady was accelerating into a parking spot but missed the spot… uh completely. There is extensive damage window and wall damage to both 35th North and Zion’s. Both shops are unfortunately closed for business while they get a new gate and have the windows and walls repaired.

  3. is that possible? Accelerating into a parking spot? Head first into Zion’s Gate? Those are parallel parking spots on pike…doesn’t add up at all.

    I find myself saying DAILY … Seattle has the worst fucking drivers in the country. hands down. period.

  4. Did anyone ever really shop at Zion’s Gate anyways. I always wondered if it was a front for something as the the few times I went in there the person working there seemed annoyed by my presence. Maybe I am wrong….