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Oddfellows announces change in Pike/Pine’s cafeteria lunch model

OK. Stick with us on this one. Normally, CHS might not take the bait on a press release documenting a change in how customers order food at a Capitol Hill restaurant. But this Oddfellows announcement — effective immediately, kids — matters in both reach — a lot of people eat lunch at Oddfellows — and economy.

First, here’s the rather involved documentation of the new way at Linda Derschang’s 10th Ave joint:

Got all that?

In the bigger picture, we’ve seen evidence of the Oddfellows model’s spread. Sam’s Tavern launched with a similar set-up of counter ordering mixed with table service and management was clear that Oddfellows was the inspiration for making it work.

We’re predicting the result of this next phase of the model will be continuing and ongoing confusion for the people who were just getting into the rhythm of remembering to keep their bank cards pocketed to avoid the embarrassingly revealing reminder that “you can pay at your table” after counter orders. Add another opaque layer to the way things are done sure to befuddle outsiders — and anybody else not paying attention. It’s an intricate dance.

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  1. This sounds great, but honestly I ALWAYS go into Oddfellows assuming I WILL do the wrong thing. I’ll just be doing the wrong thing at different times now! But it doesn’t matter. It’s still the best place ever. Period.