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Celebrate Broadway’s newly anointed queen of drag, Jinkx Monsoon

Honored with a Stranger cover

Honored with a Stranger cover

With a persona honed on Capitol Hill, Jinkx Monsoon is on top of the drag world this week. Crowned champion of the only reality TV show worth watching anymore, Cornish grad Jerick Hoffer has lifted Monsoon to worldwide attention from a Broadway base. Now she can ponder lofty goals like becoming the first drag host of Saturday Night Live.

But there is also no rest for the wicked. Monsoon will be back on the stage Friday night on Broadway to host Le Faux at Julia’s. You can also stop by to congratulate her in person at a celebration at Julia’s slated for Monday night. Tickets are $35 with proceeds benefitting Lifelong AIDS Alliance.

If you’re new to Monsoon’s celebrity, one great way to catch up is with Capitol Hill filmmaker Alex Berry’s Drag Becomes Him documentaries. We’ve featured Berry’s work on CHS in the past — now his celebrity is also growing thanks to his Monsoon-related work. This CHS Community Post, by the way, has details of Berry’s next project.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrate Broadway’s newly anointed queen of drag, Jinkx Monsoon

  1. Reality shows can be some messy, twisted competitions, and that goes double for a drag queen reality show. But throughout the competition, Jinkx exhibited amazing talent while taking the high road, and not stooping to petty attacks like some of her competitors. Jinkx kept it classy all the way. Seattle and especially Capitol Hill are so proud of you Jinkx. Congratulations!

  2. That was awesome! Thanks for the Drag Queen edumacation Dr. Jerick & Mrs. Monsoon, & please stop by crazy San Francisco sometime. @Stellamare