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Crane accident won’t slow 12th Ave Arts

IMG_6023Nobody was injured in an accident Wednesday morning at the 12th Ave Arts building construction site and the incident won’t set the project’s timeline back, officials tell CHS.

Work was stopped at the site Wednesday after a crane dropped a bundle of shoring beams. We’re told no one was hurt and no one was in the area at the time of the accident.

A CHS reader sent in this picture of the aftermath but officials from Capitol Hill Housing say that Walsh Construction has assured them that there was only incidental damage to the site and that the incident will not adversely affect the construction schedule. Walsh managers told Capitol Hill Housing that the crane was being inspected per standard procedures in a lifting incident. The company was still investigating why the load straps gave way.

Nonprofit housing developer CHH is heading the $38 million project that will transform East Precinct’s 12th Ave parking lot into affordable apartments, office, retail and restaurant space.

Despite dozens of large construction projects active across the Hill in recent years, CHS has — fortunately — covered few significant on-site accidents.

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7 years ago

“The company [is] still investigating”??
Isn’t there some sort of oversight agency that licenses/permits cranes? After that fatality in Bellevue and at least one injured construction worker (that I can think of off the top of my head) in Seattle in the last five years, I’d hope that permitting agency investigates *any* kind of little “oopie” involving a crane…

7 years ago

38 million ya say? maybe they can spare like 50 bucks to clean up what appears to be vomit right under are mail boxes over here at the helen v. its been there for over a month.