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Blotter | Beware the ‘High Five’ bandit, man dead of apparent OD in Boylston parking lot

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  •  High five robbery foiled: SPD has released details of a September street robbery attempt on Capitol Hill in which the perpetrator was foiled despite his creative approach that nearby pie shop (and CHS advertiser) High 5 won’t be incorporating in its next marketing campaign. CHS first reported on the attempted early morning street robbery the day it happened, Friday, September 27th. In details released by SPD on the 1:30 AM incident, the victim describes a slick maneuver attempted by the would-be robber:Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.52.49 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.25.30 PMSPD searched for the getaway car — described as a small, white compact car with after-market chrome hub caps — but were unable to find the suspect and his associates.
  • 26th Ave assault: A woman told police she was assaulted by a stranger in her own residence in the 700 block of 26th Ave Monday night. Police are looking for the suspect.
  • Drug overdoses: Suspected heroin overdoses are continuing to take their toll on the neighborhood. A man was found dead surrounded by apparent drug paraphernalia Wednesday morning in a parking lot in the 1400 block of Boylston, according to Seattle Fire. Tuesday night, SFD responded to the lobby of an apartment building in the 1200 block of Summit where a woman was reportedly suffering from a serious OD. Earlier in the day, CHS witnessed a man drop off and leave another OD victim on the sidewalk in front of the Harvard Market QFC where Seattle Fire arrived to treat him.
  • Arboretum party: Garfield High is worried about hazing after more than 100 kids were found drinking and partying in the Arboretum last Friday.
  • First Hill furniture burglars: Suspected burglars were caught on video breaking into a First Hill apartment building by politely holding the door open for a disabled resident before heading in to commit their crimes. According to the SPD report on the incidents at the 1000 block 8th Ave building, the male and a female suspect arrived in an older white truck and were seen entering the building and stealing furniture from common areas of the building. In one instance, the man can be seen cutting a security cable from a chair before he stole it. A manager told police that there had been at least three pieces of furniture stolen from the building recently.
  • Cal Anderson safety: In a CHS poll with more than 1,000 respondents, it’s probably not surprising to learn that 84% said they feel unsafe walking through Cal Anderson at night. More illuminating might be the top suggestions for making the park safer: more cops on foot and on bike, better and more lighting and more organized nighttime activity in the park.Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.43.40 PM
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16 thoughts on “Blotter | Beware the ‘High Five’ bandit, man dead of apparent OD in Boylston parking lot

  1. Not suprising to hear that 84% feel unsafe walking through Cal Anderson at night, but let’s look at other factors, too. As a woman, I feel unsafe walking through the park at night. However, I feel unsafe walking anywhere at night alone. If I’m with even just one other person, male or female, I feel much safer walking through Cal Anderson at night. There is safety in numbers, and that’s why I’d like to see more Park Rangers around. That being said, I feel safe overall in capitol hill.

  2. I’ve lived directly across the street from Cal Anderson for years. Those ‘extra patrols’ the SPD has been doing would probably be more effective if the cops actually got out of their cars and actually, I don’t know…PATROLLED!!!

  3. The other day I saw a patrol car turn on their emergency lights/siren to run a yellow changing to red light at Pine and 11th (one block from the precinct), forcing a civilian’s car to move out of the way.

    The patrol car ran the red light and immediately stopped behind traffic just south of Cal Anderson, across from Rancho Bravo…with nowhere to go. No emergency except to get through the light. A stranger crossing the street looked me straight in the eyes and said “What an asshole…” with so much sadness it was funny.

    I walk from the top of Cap Hill to the Denny Triangle most days for work and find that it’s an exception to see a cop on bike between point A & B. I’d have a heart attack if I ever saw one actually walking a beat. This is the first year in the nine that I’ve lived here that I’ve started walking with pepper spray.

  4. Hey! Anyone have contact information for the 23-year old man whose ear was bitten off last month when he asked the man urinating on his property to leave? (around 10th & John)

    If so, could you please connect me? I live a block away and am would love to talk to him. eli (at)



  5. I find it’s almost impossible to enjoy most of Seattle’s parks–in general they have been taken over by criminals, drug addicts, and thugs. Sad but true.

  6. Its about time for Seattle to address the homeless problem as a real serious public threat. We should look to New York City as a model of how to clean up and dispose of people who are unwilling to get themselves help. We should ban panhandling and crack down on people sleeping outside. The best thing we can do it put all of them on the next Greyhound to California.

    • SO many ignorant SNOBS here in Seattle. It’s not about “live and let live” culture… its a SNOBBERY mentality that doesn’t see that its impossible to “get yourself together” in a city where the working poor cant even afford to live, let alone the POOR. And where parks can only be enjoyed and visited by the Google/Microsoft/Amazon geeks who make enough to live on Cap hill. Get a clue, Have a heart and GIVE BACK, you rich Seattle assholes.

      • I had a heart, but I have had enough. I am totally not ignorant and understand the socioeconomic condition that is homelessness. I was in that position in 2011 here in Cap Hill and yes it is extremely possible to get yourself out of a bad situation. I definitely not a snob, but when you give food to a beggar only to be yelled out for not giving them cash. Who is the real snob – Me or the beggar? So Reana – I reiterate my view: Panhandling should be made illegal, sleeping in public parks should be illegal, and let’s start sending those who refuse a helping hand a one-way ticket out of Washington State.