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Hillebrity | Dan Paulus

 Dan Paulus – Designer

photo (24)What are your current favorite Seattle artists? 

Darryl Ary and Glenn Billard.

Darryl Ary has been on his grind for the past twenty years, hawking his wares on the mean streets of Seattle, rain or shine. Scavenging scrap lumber for canvases, he paints and scratches brutalist images that have just enough pop culture jazz to simultaneously charm and repulse. Plus his stuff is cheeeeap!

From wardrobe to engaging strangers on the street, Glenn Billard is a prime example of life-as-art. He does a lot of fabric work (quilts, tapestries, pillows) but also crazy installation and experiential pieces (his Snail Volcano blew, and continues to blow, my mind).

Also: Shannon Perry, Brittany Kusa, Brad Dunn, Le Sang Song, Jordan O’ Jordan, Mal de Fleur, etc.

Dan Paulus is the art director at City Arts magazine. His devastatingly brutal Misfits cover band Underworld Scum plays Chop Suey Weds, December 18.

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