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Hillebrity | Christopher Frizzelle

 Christopher Frizzelle – Editor in Chief

IMG_2984What are you pointing at and what’s this wall behind you?

Some cover text I wrote. It says “MEAT” in big letters, and then “Paul Constant Eats Ayn Rand.” It’s for a review of a smoked-meat restaurant. The Stranger is 22 percent fueled by hatred for Ayn Rand. The wall itself is where we pin up pdfs of all the pages of The Stranger once we’ve sent them to the printer, so we can see a whole issue at once. Also so we can make sure we didn’t mess anything up. If I don’t get all the pages pinned to the wall by 5 pm each Tuesday, I’ll be killed and eaten.

Upcoming: “Go Health Yourself — Join The Stranger and SEIU at Chop Suey on Thursday, November 21 for a party celebrating Obamacare!”

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