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You can’t dance the Panevino but restaurateur behind Tango, Rumba making move onto Broadway

(Image: Panevino)

(Image: Panevino)

Born in the extended Via Tribunali family, Broadway’s Panevino will have familiar new ownership this March. Capitol Hill food and drink entrepreneur Travis Rosenthal has agreed to purchase the nearly four-year-old trattoria and bar.

“I think Francesco (the current owner) has done a great job creating a popular spot in the 80 year old building,” Rosenthal told CHS by email about the major transaction. “I am really not sure what changes will be made until I get in there and meet the guests, taste the entire menu and work with the current staff.”

Panevino opened in 2010 in a partnership between one-time director of operations for Via Tribunali Francesco Angiuli and California restaurant owner Gianni Chiloiro. It was originally intended to join Chiloiro’s chain of Pasta?-monikered restaurants but shifted its branding prior to opening. Angiuli kept his promises about the new joint simple when CHS spoke to him about the project in 2010 calling Panevino “a restaurant in every way, except there will be no white tablecloths.”

Rosenthal’s move onto Broadway comes as the street is showing seeming signs of strength with 2016’s opening of Capitol Hill Station now within reach. This weekend, Rachel Marshall and Kate Opatz plan to unveil their new Mexican-themed creation Nacho Borracho as relative Broadway newbies like Bait Shop and Witness take root alongside the old-timers who hung in there and some recent foodie pioneers who lead the way like Altura and Poppy. We’re watching spaces like the expensive and still empty former home of Broadway Grill and the sale of Olivar before we declare a full-on Broadway food+drink land rush.

The Panevino crew, summer of 2013 (Image: Panevino)

The Panevino crew, summer of 2013 (Image: Panevino)

In the meantime, scratch one off the CHS list of bars and restaurants to look forward to in 2014. Rosenthal’s Broadway investment comes as he has decided to scuttle plans for Corretto, his cafe by day, bar by night concept he had been planning for the Pine + Minor building.

Rosenthal says he’s unsure at the moment if he’ll transfer any of his Corretto plans to Panevino. UPDATE 3/11/14:  Rosenthal tells us that he’s decided to make the Corretto change and is bringing in some talented folks to make it happen. Chef Kelvin Morales from Tango/Rumba is working on the menu changes, Rosenthal says, and Gretchen Allen, formerly of La Spiga, has joined as manager. “She lives a few blocks from Corretto and is looking forward to meeting the neighbors,” Rosenthal writes. He says yet another familiar face in the neighborhood will be helping out as Patric Gabre-Kidan comes on to help re-work the back bar. CHS wrote about Rosenthal’s original plans for a lower Pike/Pine Corretto here. Rosenthal says the changes will happen over the next month as new signage goes up and the overhaul takes place night by night. Corretto will be open through it all so stop in if you want to see the change happening in person and, Rosenthal hopes, provide feedback.

“Ultimately, I really do want to have a neighborhood hangout with fantastic Italian food and cocktails where the staff knows you by name,” he said.

You can also hang up any hope that Rosenthal — the man behind Tango and Rumba — has a dance-themed re-brand coming for the trattoria. We suggested Disco.

“[T]he worst dancer in the city will not be opening any more bars/restaurants with dance names,” Rosenthal promises.

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6 thoughts on “You can’t dance the Panevino but restaurateur behind Tango, Rumba making move onto Broadway

  1. Dang! This is so disappointing. Panevino is the place I go to to escape the trendy foodie vibe around here and have a more laid back experience. The staff is what made this place special.

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  3. And Good God, if I wanted you to call me by name, I’d invite you to my house, not go to your place of business, where I expect you to give me respect as a client, not familiarity as a best bud.

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