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First look inside new Cafe Solstice Capitol Hill

IMG_1568IMG_1575 Part coffeehouse, part bar, part bistro and grounded in Capitol Hill’s coffee pastCafe Solstice is officially open for business a block off Broadway at 10th and Thomas.

“It’s to bring people together, so in the morning people have coffee together and they talk, and at night they have a beer after work — they talk, they hang out,” Solstice general manager Sarah Schafer told CHS before the cafe’s summer solstice preview party last Saturday. “It’s about creating relationships.”

IMG_1576If you step in and think the new space nails the quintessential elements of current coffeehouse design, you’re not alone. One of the primary drivers of the buildout now works for Starbucks.

IMG_1566The new 3,500-square-foot (plus mezzanine) Solstice serves breakfast and lunch/dinner cafe-style fare plus baked goods and coffee and beer (including more than a dozen on tap.) It’s open seven days a week from 6 AM to midnight on weekdays, 6:30 AM to midnight on the weekend. A tuna fish sandwich will run you $10. Fancier fare clocks in at a few dollars more. You can learn more at

The addition of Solstice to Capitol Hill’s cafe scene will soon be followed by another. Wylie Bush tells CHS his new Cafe Barjot coffee shop and juice bar on Bellevue Ave is on track for an opening next week. The website says July 1st but you’ll want to check for updates before making the stroll down from Bush’s Joe Bar.

Joe Bar’s Wylie Bush is planning to debut his new Cafe Barjot coffee shop and juice bar on Bellevue Ave.

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5 thoughts on “First look inside new Cafe Solstice Capitol Hill

  1. Just the latest example of how all of the new developments in Capitol Hill are being filled with soul-deadening chain stores. Oh wait…

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