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Taking on big job with ACLU, Holcomb will stay on Capitol Hill but won’t take on Sawant

Holcomb and son Dashiell outside the Capitol Hill library (Image courtesy Alison Holcomb)

Holcomb and son Dashiell outside the Capitol Hill library (Image courtesy Alison Holcomb)

Capitol Hill’s Alison Holcomb, architect of I-502 and hoped by some to be a candidate for the new District 3 seat on the City Council next fall, will instead step into a role with the ACLU leading a new $50 million nationwide ACLU campaign to “end mass incarceration” and reduce America’s jailed population.

Holcomb told CHS she and her family won’t be leaving Capitol Hill but that her travel schedule is about to get very busy. That’s good news for friends and loved ones — and also for any fans of Broadway crack cocktail joint Witness.

In a letter on the announcement, Holcomb apologized to supporters hoping she might make a more business-friendly run for the District 3 seat against current Council member Kshama Sawant. “I hope you understand that I simply cannot resist this challenge,” she writes.

This summer, CHS spoke with Holcomb about her undeclared “race” for a seat under the newly created district format. “I think it’s very important that she distinguish between being an activist and a legislator,” Holcomb said of a possible run against Sawant at the time.

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11 thoughts on “Taking on big job with ACLU, Holcomb will stay on Capitol Hill but won’t take on Sawant

  1. I was hoping she’d change her mind and run at-large against Sally Clark or Tim Burgess, but this is good too. Kshama Sawant has the second highest approval rating on the council. She’s going to be hard to beat.

  2. It’s unfortunate that she is not going to face off against Sawant, who is on the Council purely for ideological reasons and to take potshots at the establishment.

    • On the issues about which I pay attention, I’ve never felt my views were better represented in City Council than they are now by Sawant. It’s wonderful to have someone in there asking the questions I would ask and saying things that I think need to be said.

      I’m not a member of Sawant’s political party, and I don’t always agree with her public positions, but that’s the case with everyone on the council. At a rate I haven’t previously seen, Sawant is taking stands on things I disappointingly watch our other municipal legislators let slide.

      I am delighted both that I will not have to choose between Sawant and Holcomb, two people I deeply respect, to represent my district, and also that Holcomb has been chosen to head up ACLU’s new program to get our prison problem under control. I will be surprised if we don’t see great things come from this program with her at the helm.

      • Hey Phil. Other than the $15 minimum wage issue, can you say what other things Sawant has taken a stand on? Yes, she does make public proclamations on various subjects, but has she actually accomplished anything substantial?

        That said, although I do not agree with her extreme leftist politics (such as a public takeover of major corporations), I think it’s good she has a voice on the Council.

  3. Hopefully someone else will challenge Sawant. She is really extreme, the socialist alternative party advocates the public takeover of large firms among other positions, check out their website.

      • I’m more concerned about Amazon and Starbucks running the City Council.

        I’m not familiar with the Socialist Alternative positions, but I rather doubt the party advocates City Council running the large firms. They may be too idealistic for your tastes but they’re not stupid.

    • If Tim’s characterization of the Socialist Alternative position is correct, I would see their effort as a welcome antidote to the ongoing takeover by large firms of what should be public — our government.

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