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City Council Notes | 11th Ave construction concerns, homeless encampment hearing, First Hill Streetcar ‘eyebolts’

Here’s a look at this week’s Capitol Hill-centric highlights from the City Council’s chambers:

  • Though the First Hill Streetcar is facing further delays thanks to manufacturing problems with its hybrid trams, the City Council is expected to make progress this week on the project with a rather un-sexy sounding bit of legislation. The Council’s transportation committee this week will take up the First Hill Streetcar Eyebolt Easements Acceptance Ordinance.Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 4.06.15 PM
    11 easements have been arranged to eliminate the need for ugly poles along the streetcar’s route. They’ll come at no cost to the city thanks to the “mutual” and “offsetting” benefits for the city and the property owners involved. The committee will want to pass this one. “If eyebolts are not used to hold the cables for this Project, new poles would need to be erected for the cables,” the fiscal analysis of the bill concludes. “The cost for this alternative is estimated to be $35,000 per attachment, totaling $350,000 for the Project. Additionally, use of any alternative method would violate the Pioneer Square Preservation Board’s approval of the Project.”
  • In the same meeting, SDOT director Scott Kubly’s status report will touch on…
    • 11th Ave: “Three projects on this small street. We are actively engaged with all of the projects and working hard to maintain appropriate pedestrian access.”Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 5.45.30 PM
    • A Street Use Division Director: CHS reported here on the work from acting director Brian De Place to help ease pedestrian and transportation issue.
    • New Parking Pay Stations: “The schedule continues to show the first installations occurring in early Q2 in Pioneer Square”
  • The full City Council voted Monday to approve the plan for a new cap on microhousing rent in affordable units part of developments using the Multifamily Tax Exemption program. The bill will “reduce the maximum rent threshold for income-restricted SEDUs in MFTE projects to a level affordable to individuals earning 40% of AMI, resulting in a maximum monthly housing cost of $618 and a maximum annual income for a one-person household of $24,720.”
  • Thursday brings a hearing on the proposals for permitting homeless encampments in Seattle. Details on the 5:30 PM hearing are here:
    The City Council’s Planning, Land Use and Sustainability Committee will hold a public hearing on legislation that would amend the Land Use Code (Title 23) to provide a new interim use permit for transitional encampments and to add provisions regarding transitional encampments as accessory uses hosted by religious organizations.
  • Congratulations to Capitol Hill Community Council vice president and CHS contributor Zachary Pullin on his confirmation Monday afternoon to the Seattle Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.
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2 thoughts on “City Council Notes | 11th Ave construction concerns, homeless encampment hearing, First Hill Streetcar ‘eyebolts’

  1. Thanks @jseattle for the mention – definitely an incredible honor to serve on the Seattle Housing Authority Board of Commissioners :)