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Man shot in arm at 23rd and Cherry — UPDATE

Seattle Police investigating reports of gunfire around 23rd and Cherry found one male victim at the scene with a gunshot wound to the arm early Tuesday morning.

According to East Precinct radio, the adult victim was found at the gas station mini-mart just before 2 AM. A possible scene where the shooting occurred was identified on the west side of the 23rd and Cherry intersection where seven shell casings were found.

Seattle Fire medics transported the victim to Harborview.

Police closed the area to traffic during the overnight investigation.

Last Tuesday night, a 31-year-old male shooting victim was left in the Swedish Cherry Hill parking lot was rushed to Harborview after being shot in the chest at Powell Barnett Park.

Prior to this latest shooting, East Precinct had fielded calls earlier in the night reporting a vehicle in the area lighting off fireworks, while other callers reported possible gunfire.

UPDATE 10:15 AM: SPD has released its report on the incident, describing it as a drive-by shooting:

A 48-year-old man was wounded early Tuesday in an apparent drive-by shooting in the Central District. Officers responded to reports of gunfire at 23rd Avenue and E. Cherry Street just before 2 AM, and found the victim in the parking lot of a gas station at the intersection. The victim told officers someone had opened fire from a passing vehicle, striking him in the arm and grazing his abdomen. Medics transported to the man to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. Officers contacted numerous witnesses at the scene, who were unable to provide police with any details about the incident.

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13 thoughts on “Man shot in arm at 23rd and Cherry — UPDATE

  1. Everyone who lives in the CD knows a few facts. I’m going to try not to be too cynical by stating the obvious.The warm weather brings out the young and old nuts with guns in predictable areas of the CD. Why doesn’t the captain of the East Precinct know this? Either he doesn’t know or really don’t give a damn! Only increased gentrification will drive a change.

  2. I was awakened in my apartment at 24th and Cherry just before two am to a series of loud pops. They were so loud I actually dismissed them as fireworks, this being a week before the holiday and all. A couple minutes later, a living room window full of blue and red proved me wrong. It sounded like an endless stream of shots, like 10-12, as I gradually gained consciousness. Just glad nobody was killed. I’ll be mindful to stay away from the windows I guess…

    • It may not be conveniently, politically correct to say that, but it’s true. Do you see this happening in the middle of Capitol Hill? Almost never. What’s the main difference between the two? It’s OK, you don’t have to answer, everybody knows.

      • I see a lot of things going on on Capitol Hill, mostly reported on these pages. Note the many instances of gay bashing in the last year or two for starters…

      • Indeed. Rich people don’t tend to shoot each other. As we are pushed out of the neighborhood by rent increases, people of more modest means such as myself will follow the shootings elsewhere.
        Crime problems not solved, just relocated.

      • What we need is Macklemore to release an updated version of “We’re all in the Same Gang”.

        Honestly that’s the only hope we have to drive change in the CD.

      • Oh Ian…now you know that would take “caring” and money. Surely you don’t expect the ‘owners’ or management company of that gas station/store to take a stand against the obvious riff-raff loitering, criminality and all manner of sorted kinds of going-ons, right there on their lot and periphery. Ian…come now.

      • Not disagreeing the place needs to be better lit, and cameras…. BUT…
        This doesn’t sound like a random shooting. Wouldn’t better lighting just have given the gunman a better, more well-lit shot? Hmmmm…