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Vote opens for new giant mural planned for 7-story Pike Flats development

Urban Artworks has decorated some of Capitol Hill’s biggest blank slates with artwork and messages that have become part of the neighborhood’s fabric. Here’s the color the brought to 12th and Pine with the “Read Up, Hands Down” project on the Richmark Label building.

The nonprofit made a splash this summer with its “Keep Cap Hill Queered” mural on the eastern face of the former 95 Slide at Harvard and Pike before its demolition to make way for a new 7-story mixed-use project.

Urban Artworks is now collecting votes for a new, enormous mural design planned to cover the western wall of the Pike Flats building currently under construction at the corner:

It’s an exciting time for Urban ArtWorks and Carr & Johnson! After an international call for artists four finalists have been chosen for a new mural to be completed summer 2018. The finalists were asked to conceptualize a site specific work for the corner of Pike and Harvard on Capitol Hill. Below are the artists’ submission renderings along with examples of previous work. We will be featuring more information on the artists in the next few weeks, but for now we just want to know which concept appeals to you the most.

You can check out the designs and vote here.

Voting got off to an in-person start earlier this month at the Redhook Brewlab. Redhook should be interested in the outcome. The resulting work will tower over the small-batch brewery’s E Pike patio.

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10 thoughts on “Vote opens for new giant mural planned for 7-story Pike Flats development” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing


    This has to be a joke, the irony is too much. What goes Grunge have to do with luxury apartments? Freedom of movement with a private garden on top of the building? Please. Definitely not voting for that one.

    • PAST and FUTURE (but not PRESENT). Eckhart Tolle would shit.

      I was surprised there are only 4 choices. With all the talent around here, thats ridiculous. At this point, just put up a Vodka ad and call it a day.

  2. Definitely voting for Option D, although B is a good choice, too. A & C look too much like the new Capitol Hill, which I loathe.

  3. Using the Chief’s daughter’s likeness on luxury apartments built on her people’s lands seems a little tone deaf, considering she lived nearby “in very poor condition”. That said, D would be a great mural for something like a public library/school on the hill.

    • That’s exactly what I like about it. It’s not a fluffy feel-good image or a meaningless piece of corporate garbage. It’s about the roots of this city, and the continuing displacement of those roots.